Week 9 Discoveries


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This term the Buzzy Bees have been immersed in learning about Zoos. Students have all been working on a research project about something that they are interested in about the zoo. They have all worked hard to research answers to their questions, draft, edit and present their findings. Many students presented their work as a book or poster, some presented theirs as a PowerPoint or on EduCreations. As students finished their research projects and evaluations they moved on to planning a zoo creation. There are some fantastic zoo animals being created in Buzzy Bee World. Well done, to all 1/2AC students for maintaining their stamina to produce projects they should be proud of!

Students are writing their evaluations and putting them on their personal blog. You will be able to read their evaluations and see pictures of their projects there soon.

Week 3 Discoveries


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photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Naomi's writing about the dolls house

photo 1

photo 2Students have started researching questions about the zoo. They have been learning what to type into the search engine, how to choose a website that might have the answer they are looking for and to think about what key words they should skim read for to locate their answer.

Because students were working so hard on their zoo research in most Discoveries sessions Mrs Cooper and I decided to let them have a Discoveries session where they worked in projects and creations that they needed to finish.

Sativah was playing with the train set, she then drew a detailed map of the train track.

Naomi played with the dolls house and then wrote a story about it.

Callum surveyed everyone in our class to see if they liked dessert or fruit better.

Ryan finished his beach collage and wrote his evaluation.

Week 2 Discoveries – Zoo Investigations


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This week 1/2 AC and 1/2 FC worked together to come up with a list of questions they had about the zoo. They then split into small groups made up of children from both classes to practise sorting the questions into categories. The categories were questions about the Zoo in general, Zookeepers or the Animals.

Miss Carey and Mrs Cooper are sorting the questions further so that the students will be ready to begin researching their topic next week. Some of the project ideas that students had were to find out;
– how much money the zoo makes
– how many visitors go to the zoo
– how people become zookeepers
– compare animals
– group the animals found at the zoo by species
– learn about animal defences
– learn about the diet of animals
– learn about the different habitats animals come from.

As you can see, the students will be very busy learning researching, drafting and presenting skills in the lead up to the zoo trip in Week 6.

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