Week 5 Discoveries – Research


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This week we have been filling out thinking tools to find out how much we already know about where things come from.

Below are some videos and links that you can follow to find out more about where your ‘thing’ comes from.


How is steel made?


Why do cows make milk?

From the dairy to the shop



Electricity – various sources

Electricity – interactive




Wool facts and videos

How wool is made. Video


Chocolate facts – KidCyber

The Story of Chocolate – videos

The Chocolate factory

Discoveries – Eggs!!


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We had an incubator and eggs brought into our classroom on Tuesday. It will be about 21 days until we have little chickens.

Mr Kean helped us work out what date the chickens will hatch by making a big calendar on the floor and matched with the stages of the chicken growing in the egg.

We can’t wait to watch the eggs hatch and have chickens in our classroom.

Week 4 Discoveries – Research projects


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This week we have chosen our topic for Discoveries.

Some of the topics for Where Does it Come From? are; electricity, glass, milk, steel, chocolate, wool and wood.

We have written our learning intentions and some questions that we want to find the answers to.

Week 3 Discoveries


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On Tuesday we went to Trigg’s farm. It was SO cold! They are a dairy and potato farm. We got to see some cows being milked on the rotary milker and then we got to look in the vats at the milk. After it has been in the vats, a milk tanker picks it up. We really liked seeing the calves, one of them was only a day old and was struggling to walk. The silage was so smelly! They are going to make electricity out of POO!

We got to walk down the road to the potato sheds. Lots of people ran. There were heaps of potatoes! They were all different shapes and sizes. We found out that potatoes can be lots of colours, like; white, yellow, purple, green, brown, pink. They gave Mrs Tapscott a big bag of potatoes to take back to school.

On Thursday, we got to help cook potato cakes. It was good fun. We had to learn how to peel a potato and after Mrs Hind shredded the potatoes we had to squeeze the starch out of them. The potato cakes were yum. This is how we made them:


  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Oil


  • Peelers
  • Electric fry pan
  • Paper towel
  • Food processor


  1. Peel the potatoes
  2. Wash the potatoes
  3. Put the potatoes through the food processor, into a bowl
  4. Squeeze the starch out of the potatoes into another bowl
  5. Put the squeezed potato back in the bowl and add some salt
  6. Heat some oil in the electric fry pan
  7. Make small circles of potato
  8. Put the circles of potato in the fry pan
  9. Cook until slightly browned
  10. Remove from pan and put on a plate with paper towel
  11. Eat and enjoy.

Week 1 Discoveries – Where does it come from?


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We started our new Discoveries unit this week, titled “where does it come from?” In this unit we are looking at our clothing and food, and where these products have started from. We have learned that most of our food comes from plants and some comes from animals. We had a go at tracing our food back to its sources.

Mr Kean

Week 2 Discoveries – Living and Non-living


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This week we learnt the difference between living and non-living things.

Living things can grow, move on its own, and needs water, food and air to survive.

Non-living things don’t grow, can’t move by themselves, don’t have babies or need water, food or air.

We got to sort some pictures into living and non-living and we then went outside to take photos of living and non-living things.

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