Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition


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A huge congratulations to everyone in 1/2C for putting in such a huge amount of time and effort into their research and create projects. They looked fantastic at our exhibition today! 🙂

Thank you, to all the parents, friends and families who came along to see the wonderful and creative projects that the 1/2s have all been working on throughout this very long term.

I have put some photos up on the blog and each child will get a photo and their evaluation to take home tomorrow.

We would love to hear what you thought of our exhibition! Please leave us some feedback below. 🙂

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition TOMORROW!!


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We have been working super hard in 1/2C to finish our research and create projects ready to share with our parents, friends and the wider community at our ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition.

We can’t wait to see you all there and we hope you like our projects.

We would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Week 9/10 Discoveries – Then and Now Research and Create Projects


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Our ‘Then and Now’ exhibition is coming up on Thursday the 25th of June at 2pm in the Learning Centre and everyone in 1/2C are very busy getting ready for it.

Everyone is working hard to complete their research projects in time and there have been some fantastic creation started.

We are very excited for as many of our parents and friends to come and see our hard work.

Week 4 – Discoveries


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This week in Discoveries 1/2C have chosen what they would like to research in Discoveries. Their projects are about Then and Now.

We showed the students a rubric which outlines what they need to have in their project, we would hope that all students aim to get as many 2 stars and 3 stars as possible, with 3 stars being outstanding.

Many of the students started designing their own thinking tool after writing their learning intention.

Week 3 Discoveries – Then and Now


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This week in Discoveries students were reflecting and discussing our trip to the museum last week and some of the items that we saw there. Students were involved in sorting photos of things that we had seen at the museum into categories such as; education, health, transport, houses, technology and clothing. They then chose something that interested them and drew a picture of what it used to look like, what it looks like now and they are in the process of drawing what they think it will look like in the future and explaining their designs.

We were also lucky enough to have Judy (Isobel’s mum) come in and share some old things from her family. She showed our grade her Grandfather’s wallet, diary, medals and sewing kit from when he was in World War 1, her Grandmother’s purse (still packed with leather gloves, a compact mirror and makeup) and a few old cameras. Everyone was really interested in these artifacts.

If you or your family have any old things that you would like to share with the class please send a note in your child’s diary or come and talk to me and we can make a time for you to share some of your family’s history.

Week 1 Discoveries – Then and Now Immersion


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We have started to immerse the Grade 1/2s into our Term 2 theme ‘Then and Now’. This theme has been chosen to coincide with Ararat 800’s sesquicentenary celebrations happening in May.

We have read ‘Papa and the Olden Days’ and compared the differences and similarities between ‘then and now’. You can see the student’s knowledge below.


Then and Now Venn Diagram

Then and Now Venn Diagram

Everyone was very excited to come back to school and see how the classroom had been transformed. Here are a few photos of our classroom.


Today we went outside and played a game where you had to stand behind a line, pick up a stone and then put it further away than anyone else could reach.


We then got to play, pretend, explore and create in our classroom thinking about how people lived in the olden days.

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