Optional Task! ANZAC Day interview


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If you are going to the ANZAC Day service, you might like to interview a war veteran. Make sure that you are prepared! Have your questions typed or written with space to write answers, OR have your questions ready and get your parent to film.

Please bring the video into school on a USB and we will share your video at our 3/4 Discoveries Expo at the end of term.


Here are some questions that you could ask them:

  • What is your name?
  • What war did you serve in?
  • How old were you when you enlisted?
  • Where did you serve and for how long?
  • Would you like to share any memories?
  • Thank you for talking to me about your time in the war.

Feel free to plan more questions to ask.

Miss Carey

TASK – When Two Vowels go Walking – ai


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This week we learnt that ‘when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.

‘ai’ is our spelling sound of the week.

Can you think of any ‘ai’ words and write them in the comments?

Task: Nouns


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Nouns are naming words. The name people, places, animals and things.

Can you list some nouns? Write some nouns in the comments box.

Have a go at the noun game below:

Find the Noun

Week 5 Literacy – Inferring


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This week our comprehension focus has been on inferring. Inferring is an important skill to have to understand what we read better. Sometimes the author doesn’t tell you exactly what is going on and the reader has to put all the clues together to understand what is going on.

Our class have been reading inferring cards and making inferences from them.


An example is:

Ana and Sophie sat in their chairs staring straight ahead for nearly two hours. They did not talk or hardly even move, but they were not bored at all.

Where were Ana and Sophie?

What makes you think so?

Students then write their inferences using this sentence structure: I infer that… because…

Can you infer where Ana and Sophie were?

Week 1 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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This week we are learning about procedure texts. The students are learning to read and write them and identify the key feautres of a procedure text.

A procedure text instructs someone how to make or do something.

photo 2

photo 1

TASK – What could you write a procedure about? Is there something that you are an expert at doing and could write a procedure to instruct someone else how to do it?

Write your ideas for a procedure text in the comments box below.

Task – Inferring


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As we come to the end of Term 2, we have been revising some CAFE strategies that we have learnt. One of these is inferring. This week we have been inferring from the text, how a character is feeling.


Look at the picture below.

jumping (sister version)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bernat Casero via Compfight

Can you infer how the girl is feeling? Why might she be feeling like that?

Remember to answer like this:

I infer that the girl is feeling … because…

Make sure that you use clues from the image and your background knowledge.

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