Special Event – Sailing


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Special Events | Posted on 23/10/2015

We were lucky enough to have Sailing Victoria visit our school this week. They brought a small yacht. All the Grade 1/2s learnt the different parts of the yacht as well as the directional language used on a yacht. They then played a game where they had to run the correct way when the directions were called out to them. This fitted in very well with our current unit about locations and directions.


Special Event – Basketball


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Special Events | Posted on 02/09/2015

After another fun 3 weeks of basketball, the students got to go and play basketball at the YMCA stadium with all the other Grade 1/2 classes.

It was a great chance for everyone to use the basketball skills they had been learning into action and play a modified game of basketball.

All students enjoyed playing as a team and wearing the MASSIVE basketball jumpers.



Special Event – NED Show


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Bounce Back, Growth Mindset, Special Events | Posted on 07/08/2015

On Thursday Ryan came to our school with his friend NED. NED didn’t want to come to school today, he had to be convinced.

NED had an adventure on the way to school and showed us how he got here, using his yoyo to solve problems along the way.

NED stands for




You can visit his website for games, activities and yoyo tricks.

NED website

Special Event – SRC Footy Colours Day


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Special Events, Tasks | Posted on 12/09/2014

This Friday was Footy Colours day where the SRC were raising money for Cancer Awareness. Lots of people dressed up in their footy colours and joined in with the footy activities at lunch time.

In the classroom we made a graph to find out what teams everyone barracks for. Collingwood was most popular and Geelong was the second favourite team.

footy colours day graph

What else does the graph tell you? Write your answer in the comments box.

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