Week 3 Discoveries


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This week we only had a short Discoveries session due to swimming. Everyone started writing some questions that they had about the different types of science. These will hopefully help the students to choose the area of science which interests them most for their research project.

Week 1 Discoveries – Science Immersion


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This week we have begun our immersion period for Discoveries this term. Our topic this term is Science. All Grade 1/2s have worked together to think about what a scientist is and what science is.

On Tuesday and Wednesday all students participated in a huge range of science experiments to get them excited and curious about science. Some of the experiments included, making helicopters, floating and sinking, using magnets and magnifying glasses, how heat changes things, and nature rubbings.

On Thursday, the students will go to different teachers to be immersed in different types of science; for example, physical science, biology including the human body and plants, as well as earth science.

Below you can watch a video with some incredible water science experiments.



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Some of the chickens have finally hatched in Miss Sanford and Mrs Tapscott’s room. Some of the chickens needed a little expert assistance to get out of their egg. We had a look at the chickens today and worked with Miss Sanford’s class to come up with a description about the chickens.

Our Chickens

The chickens are black and yellow.

They grow in an incubator.

They are small.

The chickens look fluffy.

They like to run around and flap their wings.

Their legs are straight.

One of the chickens is sick.

They poo.

By 1/2C and 1/2S

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