Week 6 Discoveries


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This week we started researching our topics. We learnt how to watch videos, pause them and think about the key facts we learnt.

Please keep watching the videos in our Week 5 Discoveries post so you can keep learning about your topic at home.

Week 5 Discoveries – Research


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This week we have been filling out thinking tools to find out how much we already know about where things come from.

Below are some videos and links that you can follow to find out more about where your ‘thing’ comes from.


How is steel made?


Why do cows make milk?

From the dairy to the shop



Electricity – various sources

Electricity – interactive




Wool facts and videos

How wool is made. Video


Chocolate facts – KidCyber

The Story of Chocolate – videos

The Chocolate factory

Week 4 Discoveries – Research projects


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This week we have chosen our topic for Discoveries.

Some of the topics for Where Does it Come From? are; electricity, glass, milk, steel, chocolate, wool and wood.

We have written our learning intentions and some questions that we want to find the answers to.

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition


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A huge congratulations to everyone in 1/2C for putting in such a huge amount of time and effort into their research and create projects. They looked fantastic at our exhibition today! 🙂

Thank you, to all the parents, friends and families who came along to see the wonderful and creative projects that the 1/2s have all been working on throughout this very long term.

I have put some photos up on the blog and each child will get a photo and their evaluation to take home tomorrow.

We would love to hear what you thought of our exhibition! Please leave us some feedback below. 🙂

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition TOMORROW!!


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We have been working super hard in 1/2C to finish our research and create projects ready to share with our parents, friends and the wider community at our ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition.

We can’t wait to see you all there and we hope you like our projects.

We would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Week 9/10 Discoveries – Then and Now Research and Create Projects


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Our ‘Then and Now’ exhibition is coming up on Thursday the 25th of June at 2pm in the Learning Centre and everyone in 1/2C are very busy getting ready for it.

Everyone is working hard to complete their research projects in time and there have been some fantastic creation started.

We are very excited for as many of our parents and friends to come and see our hard work.

Week 8 Discoveries – Choosing Reliable Websites


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This week we have been using the iPads for research a lot. We have been talking about how you can know that the information you are getting is correct. We spoke about how Wikipedia is not the most reliable website as it can have many authors. We also spoke about checking the accuracy of the information you are finding out against other websites. An example of this was when Maxi was finding out the year that Ned Kelly was born, he was finding that different websites gave him different answers.

Week 7 Discoveries


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This week 1/2C have been choosing the questions that they want to research for their project.

Today we were learning how use books and the internet to find answers to our questions. We learnt to use the contents page in a book and look for key words. When trying to find out answers on the internet we learnt that we don’t write the whole question, just the key words and sometimes we need to chose a synonym for a word. we tried this with Maxi’s question. Maxi’s question was ‘when did Ned Kelly die?’ we decided to type in the keywords; Ned Kelly and die, then we chose the synonyms ‘died’ and ‘killed’. These were the keywords that we looked for in the articles too. Maxi was learning to check to see if the answer was the same on different websites.

Week 5 and 6 Discoveries – Then and Now research projects


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During the last few weeks we have continued to follow the Research Pathway. We have written our learning intentions, used thinking tools and started researching our topics.

We took some time to share our thinking tools with each other. There were a few students who had a go at designing their own thinking tool.

We showed the students the rubric that they will be marked against. Many of the students were excited to see how they could achieve a good mark on their project and are trying to aim high and get 2 or 3 stars. As we were working 1/2C decided that there needed to be a criteria about questions and came up with a 1 star, 2 star and 3 star comment for coming up with questions. The students have already started to self reflect against the rubric and they are being very honest about the effort they are putting in.

You can see the rubric and our extra criteria below.

FullSizeRender (1)

Week 4 – Discoveries


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This week in Discoveries 1/2C have chosen what they would like to research in Discoveries. Their projects are about Then and Now.

We showed the students a rubric which outlines what they need to have in their project, we would hope that all students aim to get as many 2 stars and 3 stars as possible, with 3 stars being outstanding.

Many of the students started designing their own thinking tool after writing their learning intention.

Discoveries – Finished Research Projects!


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Congratulations to all the students in 1/2C for working very hard on their mini beast research projects.

I have been very impressed by the focus, stamina and descriptive writing skills of the students. They have done a fantastic job of listening to information, locating key words and then putting those words into their own sentences.

Below are some examples of students projects presented on EduCreations.

Week 5 Discoveries – Minibeasts Research Projects


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This week in Discoveries the students have selected the minibeast that they want to research and worked with other students to come up with lots of questions. They are learning how to classify questions, for example sorting all the questions about food, appearance or protection from each other. By the end of this week students will have selected the questions that they want to research and begin finding and reading information about their minibeast.

If you follow the link below you will see some incredible close up photos of bees!

Amazing close up of bees!

Week 9 Discoveries – Completed Projects and Evaluations


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Nearly all of 1/2AC have finished their Zoo Research Projects! Many of the students have completed their evaluation and published it on their personal blog. Please be sure to visit your child’s and other children’s blogs to read about their research projects. Photos of their work will be on there soon as well. It would be great if you could leave a comment for some of the children. They are really proud of their work and would love to hear what you think.

Week 9 Discoveries


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This term the Buzzy Bees have been immersed in learning about Zoos. Students have all been working on a research project about something that they are interested in about the zoo. They have all worked hard to research answers to their questions, draft, edit and present their findings. Many students presented their work as a book or poster, some presented theirs as a PowerPoint or on EduCreations. As students finished their research projects and evaluations they moved on to planning a zoo creation. There are some fantastic zoo animals being created in Buzzy Bee World. Well done, to all 1/2AC students for maintaining their stamina to produce projects they should be proud of!

Students are writing their evaluations and putting them on their personal blog. You will be able to read their evaluations and see pictures of their projects there soon.

Week 4 Discoveries – research skills


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This week the students have continued to develop their researching skills. They have learnt to use key words to search for information on the internet, write dot points and then expand them into sentences.

Week 2 Discoveries – Zoo Investigations


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This week 1/2 AC and 1/2 FC worked together to come up with a list of questions they had about the zoo. They then split into small groups made up of children from both classes to practise sorting the questions into categories. The categories were questions about the Zoo in general, Zookeepers or the Animals.

Miss Carey and Mrs Cooper are sorting the questions further so that the students will be ready to begin researching their topic next week. Some of the project ideas that students had were to find out;
– how much money the zoo makes
– how many visitors go to the zoo
– how people become zookeepers
– compare animals
– group the animals found at the zoo by species
– learn about animal defences
– learn about the diet of animals
– learn about the different habitats animals come from.

As you can see, the students will be very busy learning researching, drafting and presenting skills in the lead up to the zoo trip in Week 6.

Week 9 Discoveries


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Max saw Nitro Circus perform a few weeks ago. He has planned, researched and written about Wheels, a Nitro Circus performer. Max worked with Miss Carey to present his project using Educreations.

You can see his presentation below, just follow the link.


Week 8 Discoveries


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This week a lot of us have been following the Research Pathway. Some of the projects we are doing are about Warrnambool, Crabs, Nitro Circus and Owls. They will look fantastic as posters.

Here is Pat’s poster on Warrnambool.

Pat's research project on Warrnambool

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