Week 4 and 5 Literacy – Procedure texts


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Feedback is hugely important in 1/2C. In 1/2C we know how important it is to give timely, helpful, kind and specific feedback to ourselves and each other.

During our unit on procedure texts, the students have been giving themselves feedback in the form of a checklist, giving and receiving feedback from their friends about the procedure text as well as feedback from me.

I have decided to try out the ‘Star and a Step’ feedback during this unit. After their first procedure text I gave each child some feedback; I gave them a star (something they did really well and should continue to do), and a step (something that they could do to make their next procedure better), this feedback was directly linked to the success criteria. The students had time to read their feedback and talk to me about their next step, this made them aware of what to focus on for their next procedure. After their second procedure text I gave them a ‘Star and a Step’ feedback again and the students compared the feedback and their procedures. Many of them were happy with the improvements they made.

Congratulations everyone in 1/2C for giving and receiving feedback with Growth Mindsets.

Week 2 – 3 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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Over the last two weeks the students have been learning to read and follow procedure texts.

In Week 2 all Grade 1/2 students got to make ANZAC biscuits. First, they had to cut and reorder the recipe. Then 1/2C and 1/2H worked together with the assistance of Sri and Judy to measure and mix the ingredients. Everyone had fun rolling their ANZAC biscuits and of course eating them afterwards!

1/2C have been writing procedure texts in groups and on their own. Everyone in 1/2C received a star and a step feedback from me about one of their procedure texts they had written, they are using this feedback to know what was good about it and they should keep doing and what their next step is to make their next procedure even better!  Students had a go at assessing their own writing against the success criteria too.

I look forward to reading more procedure texts next week.

Digital Learning Farm – Tutorial by Joe ‘Making Fairy Bread’ Procedure


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This term I have started introducing the Digital Learning Farm to my class. The concept behind the Digital Learning Farm is to get the students in the class to complete meaningful jobs using technology as a tool, just like how children in the olden days would have meaningful jobs to complete on their farm.

There are many jobs that the children can take on. The jobs that I have set up so far in 1/2 AC are listed below with a short overview:
– Interviewer: interviews students about what they are learning
– Reporter: takes the photos for the Blogger or films for the Interviewer
– Blogger: writes a blog post about some of the learning that has taken place during that week
– Note Taker: takes notes and collects notes and work for any students who are away and explains to the student when they return to school what they missed
– Tutorial Maker: makes a tutorial explaining how to do something or explaining concepts, and
– Researcher: uses an iPad to find out the answer to any questions the students or teachers might have.

This week Joe was our Tutorial Maker, you can watch his tutorial for how to make fairy bread below.

Week 1 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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This week we are learning about procedure texts. The students are learning to read and write them and identify the key feautres of a procedure text.

A procedure text instructs someone how to make or do something.

photo 2

photo 1

TASK – What could you write a procedure about? Is there something that you are an expert at doing and could write a procedure to instruct someone else how to do it?

Write your ideas for a procedure text in the comments box below.

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