Week 4 Numeracy – Money


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Numeracy | Posted on 30/10/2015

This week we had a lot of fun in Numeracy learning about money. Students were involved in identifying money, ordering it, sorting it, counting amounts of money and working out change. It was great to see how focused everyone was and how they were so willing to challenge themselves. Most of the recording was done by doing coin rubbings in their books.


Week 10 Numeracy – Money


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Numeracy, Tasks | Posted on 15/06/2015

Over the next two weeks we will be learning about money.

Please let your children work with money, sorting, counting and ordering amounts of money. See if they think the amount is closer to $1 or $2. Can they add up amounts of money? Can they give change?

I have put some links to money activities under the Numeracy Websites on the right hand side of this site. Please have a look and a play. Your child can also log into Mathletics to complete money tasks.

Thanks, in advance.

Miss Carey

Week 5 Discoveries – stalls and competitions


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Last week, all students made a wish list of activities and things that they would like to do and buy. They were given $5 if they were a Grade 1 and $10 if they were a Grade 2, which they had to plan how to spend. Students learnt to add up how much the activities would cost to see if they could afford it.

On Wednesday this week 1/2AC and 1/2FC joined together to have some fun at some of 1/2AC’s Discoveries stalls and competitions.

1/2AC students set up their competition areas and stalls and then chose a friend to help them with the money or scoring. When it was all set up the rest of 1/2AC and 1/2FC came out and joined in the fun. All students participated really well, lining up and awaiting their turn, being polite and checking that they gave or received the correct amount of change.

1/2AC competition organisers will write and distribute their certificates on Monday.

Week 8 Numeracy – Money


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Numeracy | Posted on 19/06/2014

In Numeracy this week we were being problem solvers and we had to guess which 4 coins Miss Carey had in her pocket. You can see our guesses below.


Week 7 Numeracy – Money


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Numeracy | Posted on 16/06/2014

We have been learning about money.  We have been identifying, sorting and making amounts of money.


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