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This week after meditation we had a discussion afterwards about what images, sounds and feelings they had during the meditation session. The students were all very keen to write and draw about this.  There were so many different things that the students pictured in their minds, but the theme of water running was a common one. You can see some examples of their writing below.

I found a magic wood. It has wishes that are orange, they move by themselves. You get everything you wish for. There are rainbows that you can slide on. Rowdy

I saw the sea and the waves and the waves are going up and down and I was hot and then it got cold and it was raining and I had to go inside because it was getting cold. Summer

My place is calm. The water is soft. There is a river and a waterfall. The water is like calm waves. The waves are small. There is a rainbow over the waterfall. The water is slow. The sound is like ‘shhhhhhh.’  Phoebe

I imagine that i’m in a jungle in America. It was drizzly, it sounded like calm rain. There is a huge waterfall and little pond. The pond was 5.3 square metres. Pat



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This afternoon we had a meditation session and then did some mindful drawing. Students had to start in the centre of their page and draw a continuous line, however they liked. The only thing that they were thinking about was the direction they would go in next. This is an easy activity to do, to calm down after a stressful day, and is very similar to the purpose of the very popular mindful colouring books, where you just think about the colours.

Here are a few examples of mindful drawing.

Mindfulness – Meditation


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As part of our learning about Growth Mindset and being aware of our selves as learners, Mrs Hind and I have started doing meditation with our classes.

The purpose of meditation is to teach the children how to calm their body and mind and become more mindful.

After just a few short meditation sessions with the 2 classes, we have been able to see that the children are becoming mindful and able to feel the bubble of air moving through their body.Some of the children have even said that they have had a go at meditation at home to help clear their mind before going to sleep.

These are some definitions of meditation that the children had:

“I think meditation helps your body calm and relax all the parts of your body.” Ryan

“I think meditation is something that calms your body down, but does it slowly so that you don’t get dizzy and it puts a smile on your mind so that you can work really hard all day.” Isobel

“Meditation is when you lie down and you breathe in and out.”Rishi

“Meditation is where you relax your body and mind and you don’t talk to anyone. You do deep breathing and make a bubble” Max

Here is how some of the children said they felt after meditation:

“I felt when I woke up, I felt kind of dizzy and tired and I felt like when I was breathing in, a bubble was going into my tummy and when I breathed out it popped and spread all through my body and made me feel very relaxed.” Phoebe

“I felt dizzy when I got up and when the meditation finished it started to hurt my tummy doing deep breathing” Summer

“After the meditation I felt a tiny bit dizzy but I felt great and I was ready to learn” Sarah

“I felt relaxed and ready to get started on my learning.” Pat

“I felt happy and I thought it was fun.” Rowdy

If you would like to practise doing meditation at home you could visit the website Smiling Mind and sign up for free meditation sessions, they are suitable for any age right up to adult. I’ve already downloaded some of the meditation tracks so that I can try meditation at home.

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