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Posted by misscarey | Posted in Growth Mindset | Posted on 11/02/2016

Hi everyone,

Here in 3/4C we love connecting with people and getting feedback about our achievements. We also like getting feedback that helps us to improve, because we know that we learn from our mistakes and that other people have skills and knowledge that they can share with us to help us learn.


If you are reading our blog and would like to connect with us or leave us some feedback please remember to:

  • introduce yourself (tell us who you are, what school you are from or who you are related to from our class – are you the uncle of one of 3/4C?)
  • give feedback that is KIND, SPECIFIC and HELPFUL

The following video, ‘Austin’s Butterfly’, shows how useful the right type of feedback is. It demonstrates how students can achieve ‘above and beyond’ what they could have managed if they didn’t ask for and use feedback.

We would love to hear from you.



Week 4 Literacy – Rocket Writing


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 30/10/2015

This week we have continued with Rocket Writing. Everyone is really enjoying it, there are often cheers when we say that we are going to do Rocket Writing. This week after writing the students have got together with a partner to give some Star and Step feedback to each other. You can read some of the feedback that they have given each other in the photos below. It is great to see that the students are giving feedback which is kind, specific and helpful. You can click on the image to view it larger. If you leave any feedback, please write your feedback on the main post, not the picture.

Week 4 and 5 Literacy – Procedure texts


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Growth Mindset, Literacy | Posted on 14/05/2015

Feedback is hugely important in 1/2C. In 1/2C we know how important it is to give timely, helpful, kind and specific feedback to ourselves and each other.

During our unit on procedure texts, the students have been giving themselves feedback in the form of a checklist, giving and receiving feedback from their friends about the procedure text as well as feedback from me.

I have decided to try out the ‘Star and a Step’ feedback during this unit. After their first procedure text I gave each child some feedback; I gave them a star (something they did really well and should continue to do), and a step (something that they could do to make their next procedure better), this feedback was directly linked to the success criteria. The students had time to read their feedback and talk to me about their next step, this made them aware of what to focus on for their next procedure. After their second procedure text I gave them a ‘Star and a Step’ feedback again and the students compared the feedback and their procedures. Many of them were happy with the improvements they made.

Congratulations everyone in 1/2C for giving and receiving feedback with Growth Mindsets.

Week 6 – Discoveries – Scientific Animal Drawings


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Discoveries, Special Events | Posted on 14/11/2014

Giving effective feedback has been a big focus for myself and my class this year. We have watched a video to learn how specific feedback can help us improve our work. However, excellent feedback will only help us if we listen and appreciate that it is constructive feedback and its purpose is not to tell us that our work is bad, but to point out areas that can be improved and provide helpful coaching or tips.

You can watch the video through the link below.
Austins’ Butterfly

Today 1/2AC were learning how to draw scientific drawings. They had to look at a photo of their favourite animal using their scientists eye, looking for important details. Students were required to make multiple drafts and ask for 2 or 3 pieces of feedback from a friend before having a go at their next draft.

Our class came up with some specific areas that may need feedback. Some of them were: size, lines, length/width, shape, position or number. Students noticed that many of these were similar to our describing sentences.

You can see some examples of students’ drafts below.

photo 1

photo 2

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