Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition


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A huge congratulations to everyone in 1/2C for putting in such a huge amount of time and effort into their research and create projects. They looked fantastic at our exhibition today! 🙂

Thank you, to all the parents, friends and families who came along to see the wonderful and creative projects that the 1/2s have all been working on throughout this very long term.

I have put some photos up on the blog and each child will get a photo and their evaluation to take home tomorrow.

We would love to hear what you thought of our exhibition! Please leave us some feedback below. 🙂

Rotations – ICT


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On Fridays we do Rotations. Mrs Jerram teaches Bounce Back, Miss Sanford teaches sport/PMP, Mrs Hind teaches Music and Miss Carey teaches ICT.

In ICT we have been learning to use the Ipads to type. We learnt that there are different ways of getting capital letters and full stops.

“For a full stop, you can press the space bar two times.” Phoebe

“Go into numbers  and press the full stop.” Kyle

“We are learning to get full stops and capital ;letters at the start of every sentence and full stops at the end of sentences. To get a full stop press the ? and . button.” Rishi

“Press the white arrow one time to get one capital letter. The arrow will turn black.” Ashton

“You press the arrow button two times and it comes up with a black line underneath it and the letters will all be in capitals.” Summer

Last week we were learning how to use EduCreations, in particular the basics like typing, changing size and colour of the text. Putting pictures into the presentation and locking and unlocking text and photos. The Grade 2s have some experience of using EduCreations from last year and were helping the Grade 1s.

Discoveries – Finished Research Projects!


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Congratulations to all the students in 1/2C for working very hard on their mini beast research projects.

I have been very impressed by the focus, stamina and descriptive writing skills of the students. They have done a fantastic job of listening to information, locating key words and then putting those words into their own sentences.

Below are some examples of students projects presented on EduCreations.

Week 9 Discoveries


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This term the Buzzy Bees have been immersed in learning about Zoos. Students have all been working on a research project about something that they are interested in about the zoo. They have all worked hard to research answers to their questions, draft, edit and present their findings. Many students presented their work as a book or poster, some presented theirs as a PowerPoint or on EduCreations. As students finished their research projects and evaluations they moved on to planning a zoo creation. There are some fantastic zoo animals being created in Buzzy Bee World. Well done, to all 1/2AC students for maintaining their stamina to produce projects they should be proud of!

Students are writing their evaluations and putting them on their personal blog. You will be able to read their evaluations and see pictures of their projects there soon.

Week 9 Discoveries


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Max saw Nitro Circus perform a few weeks ago. He has planned, researched and written about Wheels, a Nitro Circus performer. Max worked with Miss Carey to present his project using Educreations.

You can see his presentation below, just follow the link.


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