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Some of the chickens have finally hatched in Miss Sanford and Mrs Tapscott’s room. Some of the chickens needed a little expert assistance to get out of their egg. We had a look at the chickens today and worked with Miss Sanford’s class to come up with a description about the chickens.

Our Chickens

The chickens are black and yellow.

They grow in an incubator.

They are small.

The chickens look fluffy.

They like to run around and flap their wings.

Their legs are straight.

One of the chickens is sick.

They poo.

By 1/2C and 1/2S

Week 9 Literacy – Descriptions


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We have continued writing descriptions this week. Everyone is becoming more confident and independent, which is fantastic.


Here are some examples:

Tigers – By Indi

Tigers fur is black and orange.

The tiger lives in the jungle.

The tigers like hunting.

There are not many tigers in the world. There are 1800 left.

They like lying in the shade.

They are soft.

They have a round body.

It has triangle eyes.

They have a large body.


Sasha – By Miah

Sasha is a black cattle dog and she has a black patch.

She has 4 legs on her body.

She has 2 triangle ears on her.

Sasha loves to go in the house.

She is soft on her back.

She is a medium size dog.

Sasha is crazy and this is how she is crazy. She runs around the yard and puts her paws in the water.

She loves to play ball.


Footy Uniform – By Ryan

When AFL players play a round of footy they wear special uniforms so the crowd knows which team is which and on the uniform are colours.

The Geelong colours are navy blue and white. The Carlton colours are navy blue and silver. The Geelong team represents Geelong.

Week 8 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we are continuing to learn about descriptions.

Miss Carey read a description of a Kooky Clown and we had to listen really hard and draw what we thought it would look like.

This is the description that she read:
– This is a clown’s head that is in the middle of your page.
– It takes up 3/4 of your page.
– The clown has a round head with a white face.
– His curly hair is bright blue and it sticks out from his face.
– He has two big eyes that are positioned in the top half of his face. They are round at the top and straight along the bottom.
– His eyes are blue with black pupils.
– He has two black eyebrows just above his eyes.
– His nose is a big, shiny red circle.
– He has a big, wide smile that takes up the bottom third of his face. He has big red lips that are in an open smile.
– He is wearing a bright pink bow-tie that sits just under his head.
– On his head is a yellow top hat that is tilted slightly to his right.

FullSizeRender (1)

The students drew a first draft, then they gave feedback to a partner and listened to their partners feedback to try and improve it. Then they listened to the description again and drew a second draft. When they were finished they gave each other some final feedback.

This is some of the feedback that they gave each other at the end:

“You have a good nose, because you made it bright red and used texta like I told you to.” Kyle to Phoebe

“I like your bow because it is the right size and I like your nose because you have done it a bit bigger.” Phoebe to Kyle

“I like how you do the bow tie because it’s bigger.” Ryan to Sarah

“I like how you do the hat because it’s the right size, in your other one it was a little bit smaller and you made it bigger on your second draft.” Miah to Max

“I think you should don’t have any ears because it didn’t have any ears when Miss Carey said it.” Indi to Ashton

“I like how you did the nose because it’s big and round and shiny and I like how you did the hat because the flower was good and I like how the eyebrows were there because they are all straight.” Bella to Miley

You can see some photos of the first and final drafts below.

Week 7 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we have continued to write descriptions. This time we are writing descriptions about ourselves. These descriptions will go into the time capsule to be opened up in 50 years! We will 56/57/58 years old!!

Week 6 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we have started to revisit writing descriptions.

We used the description octopus to write a description about Miss Carey.

Description Octopus

This is a 1 star description of Miss Carey:

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is 25.

She has brown hair.

She teaches maths, literacy and Daily 5.

Miss Carey smiles a lot.

She has really curly hair.

She is short.

Miss Carey can be found in her classroom, teaching 1/2C.

She likes teaching us.

We tried to turn our simple sentences into compound sentences.

This is a 2 star description of Miss Carey:

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is 25, she is the youngest teacher at Ararat Primary School.

She has light brown hair and it’s more golden towards the ends.

She loves to teach maths, literacy and Daily 5. She also teaches ICT in Rotations.

Miss Carey smiles a lot, especially when she thinks we’ve used a Growth Mindset and tried our best.

Every day she comes to school with her really curly hair.

She is the shortest teacher at Ararat 800 Primary School.

Miss Carey can be found in her classroom teaching 1/2C, sometimes she team teaches with Mrs Hind.

She likes teaching us and other grades because she likes kids.


We are having a go at writing a 3 star description by adding some more descriptive sentences.

Some of us are trying to write a 4 star description of Miss Carey, all by ourselves.

This is a 4 star description written by a Grade 1.

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is a short school teacher. Miss Carey is one of the youngest teachers.

She wears bright clothing everyday. She has beautiful clothing.

Miss Carey will make you happy when you are sad. Miss Carey will make your feelings grow.

She smiles everyday. She smiles lots of times.

She can be found teaching new things.

Check back in for more examples.

Special Events – Remembrance Day


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On Tuesday all Ararat Primary students participated in a special Remembrance Day assembly at the front of the school near the flag pole. Some Grade 6 students led the assembly and Walter played the Last Post and the Ravally.

When we got back to class we wrote a description about poppies, veterans or medals. These topics were inspired from some pictures and stories that we had read earlier.

Some of the students descriptions can be read below.

Remembrance Day – by Pat
Every November the 11th it is Remembrance Day.

Poppies are red like blood. The centre of the poppies are black. Their stems is green.

The poppies grow in a battlefield. People wear poppies on their shirt.

Poppies are small in a badge. Their stems are medium.

Remembrance Day – By Amity
Poppies are red and inside they are black.

They are dark red and they live in a poppy meadow.

The poppies are small and little. They can sometimes be like badges, stickers or fake poppies.

Poppies are curvy. Poppies are soft and pretty.

Remembrance Day – by Jaime
The vetrans are sitting on a seat. One of them is in a wheelchair. They are smiling.

The have badges that take up most of the space on their chests. They have big poppies.

They have red poppies.

Remembrance Day – by Ryan
On Remembrance Day we remember those who fought for our freedom.

The vetrans have a blanket over themself to keep them warm. They might be feeling happy because they are still alive.

Remembrance Day – by Joe
The vetrans feel happy because the war is over.

They are in a grassy area. One of them is in a wheelchair. The other two are in a chair.

In the war the vetrans fought for our country. They had to crawl through trenches and fire at the enemy.

They are old because they were in the war.

Week 9 Literacy – Descriptions and Compound Sentences


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This week in Discoveries we have continued to write descriptions but we have been focussing on learning to write compound sentences. A compound sentence is joined by conjunctions. some conjunctions that we use are; and, because, but, also, as well as, next, then, after that.

Can you think of some more conjunctions or write a compound sentence in the comments box?

Week 8 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we were lucky enough to have Mrs Turner in our room for one of our writing sessions. We wrote a description about Mrs Turner.

Mrs Turner

Another description that the students wrote independentally was about Miss Carey’s rag doll called Lucy. Lucy is a clown. You can read Callum’s description below and see a picture of Lucy as well.


Callum - description pg 1

Callum description pg 2

Callum - description pg 3

Week 7 Literacy – Descriptions


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We have continued to speak and write descriptions this week. As a class we came up with a description about a baby koala, then the students went away and independentally wrote up what they could remember, they were focusing on text structure and using capital letters correctly. The following day they worked with a partner to edit each others writing for capital letters.

This is what their baby koala descriptions were like, the type of sentence is written in capitals next to the sentence for you to see:

Baby Koala (TITLE)
The baby koala is on its mums back in a gum tree. (POSITION SENTENCE)

It has grey and white fur. (COLOUR SENTENCE)

It is cuddling its mum. (DOING SENTENCE)

The baby koala has two ears. (NUMBER SENTENCE)

It has a round body. (SHAPE SENTENCE)


The baby koala is small. (SIZE SENTENCE)

Week 6 Literacy – Descriptions


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We have continued to work on Descriptions this week with students beginning to describe familiar objects such as toys, sports equipment and furniture.

In Rotations the students were using an app called Educreations to write and narrate a description about a toy. You can watch a few of the descriptions by following the links below.

Possum description

Bear description

Week 5 Literacy – Book Character Descriptions


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Last week I attended an inspiring PD along with the rest of the staff from Ararat 800 and we learnt many great things about teaching spelling and writing. The 1/2 teachers have decided to spend a lot of time teaching our students how to write descriptions really well, as descriptions are a very important stepping stone for our students to be able to write other text types.

This week was Book Week and all the students dressed up fabulously as their favourite book character. All students have been working on planning, drafting, editing and publishing their descriptions.

You can see a photo of how we planned and a few of the descriptions that were finished. As they are finished they will be hung up in our classroom and you are welcome to come in and read your child’s description.


photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (6)

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