Special Event – Ashton’s Huski Pups


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Yesterday I brought in my huski puppies to school.

I wanted everyone in my class to see the puppies.

Everyone thought they were cute.

I passed the puppies around the circle. People thought they were soft.

The puppies names are Takani and Yokone. Takani is black and white, she has one blue eye and one green one. Yokone is red and white, she has a black eyes.

I really like playing with the puppies. Next week we are selling the huski puppies.

Written by Ashton

Week 5 Literacy – Daily 5 (Guided Reading)


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We’ve loved reading our books with Mr Kean during Guided Reading.

Guided Reading with Mr Kean

Guided Reading with Mr Kean

We’ve been giving each other coaching or time and practising giving a retell of what we have read.

TASK – When Two Vowels go Walking – ai


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This week we learnt that ‘when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.

‘ai’ is our spelling sound of the week.

Can you think of any ‘ai’ words and write them in the comments?

Daily 5 – Word Work


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When we do spelling we sometimes get to work in groups to write as many words as we can that have the sound we are learning about. Today we were making lists for the ‘l blends’. You can see us working together below.

IMG_2202 IMG_2203

In Daily 5 there are lots of Word Work activities to choose from. One of them is called ‘Parts of Speech’. You have to sort the words into; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions. Isobel had a go at this game for the first time today, she did a really good job and only had two mistakes. Nice work Isobel!


Week 2 Literacy – Daily 5 (Work on Writing)


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This week we have continued to learn about procedure texts. The students have been writing procedures about things that they know very well.

In Daily 5 many students are writing procedures too. Ashton decided to write what he knew about dogs.

You can see his writing in the photo below, he also edited his work with a bit of help.

Ashton's writing about a dog

Literacy – Reading Conference about CAFE strategies


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 19/09/2014

During Daily 5 we always have an Interviewer and Reporter who conduct interviews and take photos of the learning that they see happening. Next term we will be introducing some more jobs for the children to do through the week as Miss Carey trials the ‘Digital Learning Farm’.

Jaime was the Daily 5 Interviewer, she asked to interview Miss Carey. You can watch the video of Miss Carey doing a Reading Conference with Ebony. We were checking in to see how Ebony is going with her CAFE goals.

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