Week 7 Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction


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This week our focus for Numeracy was addition and subtraction, in particular using efficient strategies to solve problems. Students played ‘Pot of Doom’ where they were required to use a variety of strategies, this game was very popular. They also had a go at completing an addition grid and then colour coding the strategies that they used.

Week 2 Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction


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This week we have been practicing our Addition and Subtraction learning goals and using our strategies to solve problems.

Week 7 Numeracy – Addition


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We revisited Michael Ymer’s game ‘Get Out Of My House’ this week. This time we focused on the students identifying which addition strategy they used to add the dice together. You can see pictures of the student working together and recording the strategies that they used.

Week 6 Numeracy – Addition


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This week we have been learning to use our addition strategies. We have been playing  a number of games to get us using the strategies.

You can see us working together on our strategies.

We have also been writing our own word problems.

addition problem

Please read some of the examples in the comments section.

Week 1,2,3 Numeracy – Place Value


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Over the last few weeks Grade 1/2s have been working on their Place Value goals in Numeracy.

They have learnt some fun and challenging maths games that have required them to play cooperatively, use their knowledge of place value, their addition strategies as well strategic thinking and problem solving. Some students had to apply a Growth Mindset to the challenges that they faced during these games. Some children learnt that you can be playing strategically and using all your maths strategies and still just be ‘unlucky’ and lose. Other students learnt to take risks, whilst some learnt to be cautious about where they placed their numbers.

Ask your child to show you how to play the ‘Guess My Number Game’ and ‘Overs and Unders’. Below is how Overs and Unders is set up.

overs and unders

Week 6 and 7 Numeracy – addition strategies


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We have been learning to use the most effective strategy to find the answer to addition problems.

Some of the strategies that we have been using are:
– counting all
– counting on
– tens facts
– doubles
– near doubles
– bridging to the nearest ten
– adding two 2 digit numbers effectively

We have been getting lots of practice by playing lots of games.

You can see some photos of a few of the games below.








This is a rap that we have been singing along to, to learn our tens facts.

Quality Beginnings – Numeracy


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In Numeracy we have been teaching students to play maths games cooperatively. Games are used in our Numeracy lessons a lot as they allow students to enter the game with varying skills and leave with extra skills gained. Many of the games that they will play are modified for different students so that they can develop their fluency, practice strategies or be challenged to solve problems and explain their reasoning.

One of the games that students have been learning to play is called ‘Get out of my House’, it is a game that requires students to play cooperatively with a partner and use addition strategies. As students become comfortable playing the game, the game will be modified for some students to practice the skills outlined above.

Here are some photos of students playing ‘Get out of my House’.

Huff and Puff Maths


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Every Friday morning the whole school is involved in Huff and Puff where students and teachers run and walk around the school collecting counters for their House.

When 1/2AC come back in we always do some maths with the counters. Sometimes we practise counting or our addition strategies, often we use tens frames to help organise the counters. Other times we might practise multiplication or division by making arrays, groups of or sharing the counters into groups. Sometimes we will make a graph with our counters and do some statistics and analyse the data, talking about why one team might have more counters than another.

You can see a video of some of the maths talk that happened this morning when we were adding up our counters.

Week 3 Numeracy – Addition


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This week we have continued to teach children in groups to assist them in learning concepts that help them work towards their goal.

The addition strategies that were taught were:
Mrs Cooper – counting all and counting on
Miss Carey – tens facts, turn around facts and fact families
Miss Sanford – doubles and near doubles
Mrs Tapscott – bridging the next ten and other 2 digit addition strategies.

These were accompanied by at least one extra maths lesson with their own teacher.

Protected: Week 10 Numeracy – Revision


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