Community Games – Term 1


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We had our first Community Games on Wednesday.

All the children enjoyed mixing with other Middle School students to either play board games, with the POD or with Lego.

It was great to see some parents, grandparents and siblings come along. We look forward to sharing the fun with more parents, siblings and grandparents next time.

You can see some of the fun that was had playing with the POD.



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The Grade 1/2s really enjoyed our swimming program at the Ararat Fitness Centre over the last 3 weeks. Check out the photos of our super swimmers.

Special Event – Sailing


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We were lucky enough to have Sailing Victoria visit our school this week. They brought a small yacht. All the Grade 1/2s learnt the different parts of the yacht as well as the directional language used on a yacht. They then played a game where they had to run the correct way when the directions were called out to them. This fitted in very well with our current unit about locations and directions.


Special Event – Basketball


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After another fun 3 weeks of basketball, the students got to go and play basketball at the YMCA stadium with all the other Grade 1/2 classes.

It was a great chance for everyone to use the basketball skills they had been learning into action and play a modified game of basketball.

All students enjoyed playing as a team and wearing the MASSIVE basketball jumpers.



Skipping Lesson


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Today we learnt to skip. Some of the skipping tricks were a bit hard.

First, we learnt how to skip normally, then we learnt how to jog skip.

After that we learnt how to do a few other harder tricks. We learnt how to do the cross over and swing tricks. If we didn’t know how to do the tricks before, we felt really cool when we got it.

The bell trick was hard because we had to jump backwards and forwards.

We also learnt to do the twist jump, it was exciting when we got it right.

Just before we went inside we worked with a partner and our partner counted how many jumps we could do. We had to try and beat our partners score and our own score.

Isobel showed us how to do lots of the tricks, because she is talented at skipping.

We did some skipping because we are going to have a ‘Jump Off’ for Jump Rope For Heart.

“I was good at the cross over trick.” Bella

“I really liked the first trick, where we jumped with two feet.” Kyle

“I liked cross over.” Indi

“My favourite skipping trick was the jogging one, because you sort of get to run around a bit.” Ryan

“I thought the one where you jump side to side was easy because I had never done it before, I tried and I could do it.” Miah

“I liked the one where we jump with double feet.” Rishi

“I liked the jogging one because I got to do more skipping. Because it’s easy. After the jogging one, the other tricks were a bit hard.” Phoebe

Written by 1/2C

Special Event – NED Show


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On Thursday Ryan came to our school with his friend NED. NED didn’t want to come to school today, he had to be convinced.

NED had an adventure on the way to school and showed us how he got here, using his yoyo to solve problems along the way.

NED stands for




You can visit his website for games, activities and yoyo tricks.

NED website

Week 3 Discoveries


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On Tuesday we went to Trigg’s farm. It was SO cold! They are a dairy and potato farm. We got to see some cows being milked on the rotary milker and then we got to look in the vats at the milk. After it has been in the vats, a milk tanker picks it up. We really liked seeing the calves, one of them was only a day old and was struggling to walk. The silage was so smelly! They are going to make electricity out of POO!

We got to walk down the road to the potato sheds. Lots of people ran. There were heaps of potatoes! They were all different shapes and sizes. We found out that potatoes can be lots of colours, like; white, yellow, purple, green, brown, pink. They gave Mrs Tapscott a big bag of potatoes to take back to school.

On Thursday, we got to help cook potato cakes. It was good fun. We had to learn how to peel a potato and after Mrs Hind shredded the potatoes we had to squeeze the starch out of them. The potato cakes were yum. This is how we made them:


  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Oil


  • Peelers
  • Electric fry pan
  • Paper towel
  • Food processor


  1. Peel the potatoes
  2. Wash the potatoes
  3. Put the potatoes through the food processor, into a bowl
  4. Squeeze the starch out of the potatoes into another bowl
  5. Put the squeezed potato back in the bowl and add some salt
  6. Heat some oil in the electric fry pan
  7. Make small circles of potato
  8. Put the circles of potato in the fry pan
  9. Cook until slightly browned
  10. Remove from pan and put on a plate with paper towel
  11. Eat and enjoy.

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition


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A huge congratulations to everyone in 1/2C for putting in such a huge amount of time and effort into their research and create projects. They looked fantastic at our exhibition today! 🙂

Thank you, to all the parents, friends and families who came along to see the wonderful and creative projects that the 1/2s have all been working on throughout this very long term.

I have put some photos up on the blog and each child will get a photo and their evaluation to take home tomorrow.

We would love to hear what you thought of our exhibition! Please leave us some feedback below. 🙂

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition TOMORROW!!


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We have been working super hard in 1/2C to finish our research and create projects ready to share with our parents, friends and the wider community at our ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition.

We can’t wait to see you all there and we hope you like our projects.

We would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Teamwork in 1/2C


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1/2C have been demonstrating excellent teamwork lately, this has been demonstrated in their commitment to reducing the amount of rubbish they bring to school on Nude Food days and every other day. We are the class that has had the least amount of rubbish for the most weeks. Maybe you could ask your child why it is so important to reduce the amount of rubbish we use and how they can bring less rubbish to school. Nude Food days are held every Thursday.

Yesterday, we joined with Mrs Hind’s class to have some fun and work as a team. Each class had to line up holding hands and pass a hoop from one to the other down the line as fast as they could without breaking grip. Everyone in 1/2C was really into it, there was a lot of encouragement for their team mates, I was very pleased to see that they cheered Mrs Hind’s class on as well. This was a great activity that allowed our class to be problem solvers and a team.

You can see some photos of the fun, camaraderie and strategies below.


Week 2 – 3 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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Over the last two weeks the students have been learning to read and follow procedure texts.

In Week 2 all Grade 1/2 students got to make ANZAC biscuits. First, they had to cut and reorder the recipe. Then 1/2C and 1/2H worked together with the assistance of Sri and Judy to measure and mix the ingredients. Everyone had fun rolling their ANZAC biscuits and of course eating them afterwards!

1/2C have been writing procedure texts in groups and on their own. Everyone in 1/2C received a star and a step feedback from me about one of their procedure texts they had written, they are using this feedback to know what was good about it and they should keep doing and what their next step is to make their next procedure even better!  Students had a go at assessing their own writing against the success criteria too.

I look forward to reading more procedure texts next week.



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Today we had a very exciting and informative visit. We had Pat’s Grandad Andy bring in lots of his beekeeping equipment.

Your child would have come home with a small container of honey. This honey was made by bees that collect nectar from red box, blue box, yellow box and red gums. If your child is allergic to any of these please be aware.

Thanks, Miss Carey

A more detailed blog post with photos will follow next week.

Week 6 – Discoveries – Scientific Animal Drawings


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Giving effective feedback has been a big focus for myself and my class this year. We have watched a video to learn how specific feedback can help us improve our work. However, excellent feedback will only help us if we listen and appreciate that it is constructive feedback and its purpose is not to tell us that our work is bad, but to point out areas that can be improved and provide helpful coaching or tips.

You can watch the video through the link below.
Austins’ Butterfly

Today 1/2AC were learning how to draw scientific drawings. They had to look at a photo of their favourite animal using their scientists eye, looking for important details. Students were required to make multiple drafts and ask for 2 or 3 pieces of feedback from a friend before having a go at their next draft.

Our class came up with some specific areas that may need feedback. Some of them were: size, lines, length/width, shape, position or number. Students noticed that many of these were similar to our describing sentences.

You can see some examples of students’ drafts below.

photo 1

photo 2

Week 6 Literacy – Zoo Recounts


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Yesterday the Grade 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo. Everyone had a fantastic time seeing the animals that they have been learning about. Some of the animals were very impressive up close.

You can read some recounts below and if you come to assembly on Monday you will hear Sativah read hers out to the school.

The Melbourne Zoo Trip
Yesterday, the Grade 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo, we went to see the animals.

First, we did the roll the we hopped on the bus. In one hour (3 hours!) we were at the Melbourne Zoo. The parents squeezed sunscreen on us. Then the teachers and parents got a map.

Next, we went to see the butterfly house. Two of the big butterflies went on my hat and shirt. Then we went to the reptiles. I saw a tiger snake, then we had recess, then a ice-cream and we saw four parrots while we were eating.

Finally, we saw the elephants and hippos then had lunch.

It was fun learning and looking at the animals.

By Ashlyn

The Melbourne Zoo Trip
Yesterday 1/2AC and the other 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo to look at the animals and have fun.

First, our teachers did the roll when we got to school. The we went to the bus and got on it. It was a long drive.

When we got there we got our recess and got in our groups.

After that, we went to look at the animals. First, a big turtle then meerkats then monkeys and apes then elephants seals then zebras and then giraffes. Then red pandas.

After lunch we saw the big cats then Australian animals also the frogs then the reptiles.

Then we went home. On the way home I read my book.

My favourite animal was the tiger.

By Jed

Special Events – Remembrance Day


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On Tuesday all Ararat Primary students participated in a special Remembrance Day assembly at the front of the school near the flag pole. Some Grade 6 students led the assembly and Walter played the Last Post and the Ravally.

When we got back to class we wrote a description about poppies, veterans or medals. These topics were inspired from some pictures and stories that we had read earlier.

Some of the students descriptions can be read below.

Remembrance Day – by Pat
Every November the 11th it is Remembrance Day.

Poppies are red like blood. The centre of the poppies are black. Their stems is green.

The poppies grow in a battlefield. People wear poppies on their shirt.

Poppies are small in a badge. Their stems are medium.

Remembrance Day – By Amity
Poppies are red and inside they are black.

They are dark red and they live in a poppy meadow.

The poppies are small and little. They can sometimes be like badges, stickers or fake poppies.

Poppies are curvy. Poppies are soft and pretty.

Remembrance Day – by Jaime
The vetrans are sitting on a seat. One of them is in a wheelchair. They are smiling.

The have badges that take up most of the space on their chests. They have big poppies.

They have red poppies.

Remembrance Day – by Ryan
On Remembrance Day we remember those who fought for our freedom.

The vetrans have a blanket over themself to keep them warm. They might be feeling happy because they are still alive.

Remembrance Day – by Joe
The vetrans feel happy because the war is over.

They are in a grassy area. One of them is in a wheelchair. The other two are in a chair.

In the war the vetrans fought for our country. They had to crawl through trenches and fire at the enemy.

They are old because they were in the war.

Week 5 Discoveries – stalls and competitions


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Last week, all students made a wish list of activities and things that they would like to do and buy. They were given $5 if they were a Grade 1 and $10 if they were a Grade 2, which they had to plan how to spend. Students learnt to add up how much the activities would cost to see if they could afford it.

On Wednesday this week 1/2AC and 1/2FC joined together to have some fun at some of 1/2AC’s Discoveries stalls and competitions.

1/2AC students set up their competition areas and stalls and then chose a friend to help them with the money or scoring. When it was all set up the rest of 1/2AC and 1/2FC came out and joined in the fun. All students participated really well, lining up and awaiting their turn, being polite and checking that they gave or received the correct amount of change.

1/2AC competition organisers will write and distribute their certificates on Monday.

Katy Perry music video competition


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This week the entire school was involved in making a music video about how awesome our school is. Our class got to run out of our classroom and join the dance party whilst singing a song written by 800 Decibels for this special occasion.

You can listen to the song ‘Play the Game’ by following the link below. Follow along with the lyrics and learn the song.

Play The Game
Verse One
Drums, guitars, musical instruments,
Drums, guitars, musical instruments,
Glockenspiels and claves,
This is what we play each and every day, hey!

Chorus x 2
It’s time to
Play the game,
Play the game,
We’re one big family,
Play the game,
Play the game,
Join our friendly community

Verse 2
Be happy and smile all the time,
We have friends and we belong,
We have friends who are like family,

Chorus x 2
It’s time to
Play the game,
Play the game,
We’re one big family,
Play the game,
Play the game,
Join our friendly community

Verse 3
Circus, Art, Lote and Music,
Happiness and humour,
Sharing jokes and laughter,
Playing by the rules

Chorus x 4
It’s time to
Play the game,
Play the game,
We’re one big family,
Play the game,
Play the game,
Join our friendly community

Special Event – SRC Footy Colours Day


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This Friday was Footy Colours day where the SRC were raising money for Cancer Awareness. Lots of people dressed up in their footy colours and joined in with the footy activities at lunch time.

In the classroom we made a graph to find out what teams everyone barracks for. Collingwood was most popular and Geelong was the second favourite team.

footy colours day graph

What else does the graph tell you? Write your answer in the comments box.

Week 5 Literacy – Book Character Descriptions


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Last week I attended an inspiring PD along with the rest of the staff from Ararat 800 and we learnt many great things about teaching spelling and writing. The 1/2 teachers have decided to spend a lot of time teaching our students how to write descriptions really well, as descriptions are a very important stepping stone for our students to be able to write other text types.

This week was Book Week and all the students dressed up fabulously as their favourite book character. All students have been working on planning, drafting, editing and publishing their descriptions.

You can see a photo of how we planned and a few of the descriptions that were finished. As they are finished they will be hung up in our classroom and you are welcome to come in and read your child’s description.


photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (6)

Special events – Literacy and Numeracy week activities


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We have continued with Literacy and Numeracy week activities this week. The students have all been involved in estimation activities. They have had to estimate:
– the difference in height between Mr Pilgrim and Rishi
– the weight of Pip the pumpkin
– the time that the clock stopped
– how many pages were in the book and
– how many lollies were in the jar.

Next week is Book Week and we will be celebrating by dressing up for the theme of ‘Stepping off the Page’ and then doing special activities based around the short listed children’s books with our Buddy Groups. There will also be a special assembly in the afternoon.

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