Growth Mindset Poem


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Jacob wrote a poem about what it means to have a Growth Mindset.

You can read it below.

March 2nd 2016 018

Giving Feedback


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Hi everyone,

Here in 3/4C we love connecting with people and getting feedback about our achievements. We also like getting feedback that helps us to improve, because we know that we learn from our mistakes and that other people have skills and knowledge that they can share with us to help us learn.


If you are reading our blog and would like to connect with us or leave us some feedback please remember to:

  • introduce yourself (tell us who you are, what school you are from or who you are related to from our class – are you the uncle of one of 3/4C?)
  • give feedback that is KIND, SPECIFIC and HELPFUL

The following video, ‘Austin’s Butterfly’, shows how useful the right type of feedback is. It demonstrates how students can achieve ‘above and beyond’ what they could have managed if they didn’t ask for and use feedback.

We would love to hear from you.



Special Event – NED Show


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On Thursday Ryan came to our school with his friend NED. NED didn’t want to come to school today, he had to be convinced.

NED had an adventure on the way to school and showed us how he got here, using his yoyo to solve problems along the way.

NED stands for




You can visit his website for games, activities and yoyo tricks.

NED website

Mindfulness – Meditation


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Growth Mindset, Mindfulness | Posted on 03/06/2015

As part of our learning about Growth Mindset and being aware of our selves as learners, Mrs Hind and I have started doing meditation with our classes.

The purpose of meditation is to teach the children how to calm their body and mind and become more mindful.

After just a few short meditation sessions with the 2 classes, we have been able to see that the children are becoming mindful and able to feel the bubble of air moving through their body.Some of the children have even said that they have had a go at meditation at home to help clear their mind before going to sleep.

These are some definitions of meditation that the children had:

“I think meditation helps your body calm and relax all the parts of your body.” Ryan

“I think meditation is something that calms your body down, but does it slowly so that you don’t get dizzy and it puts a smile on your mind so that you can work really hard all day.” Isobel

“Meditation is when you lie down and you breathe in and out.”Rishi

“Meditation is where you relax your body and mind and you don’t talk to anyone. You do deep breathing and make a bubble” Max

Here is how some of the children said they felt after meditation:

“I felt when I woke up, I felt kind of dizzy and tired and I felt like when I was breathing in, a bubble was going into my tummy and when I breathed out it popped and spread all through my body and made me feel very relaxed.” Phoebe

“I felt dizzy when I got up and when the meditation finished it started to hurt my tummy doing deep breathing” Summer

“After the meditation I felt a tiny bit dizzy but I felt great and I was ready to learn” Sarah

“I felt relaxed and ready to get started on my learning.” Pat

“I felt happy and I thought it was fun.” Rowdy

If you would like to practise doing meditation at home you could visit the website Smiling Mind and sign up for free meditation sessions, they are suitable for any age right up to adult. I’ve already downloaded some of the meditation tracks so that I can try meditation at home.

Week 4 and 5 Literacy – Procedure texts


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Feedback is hugely important in 1/2C. In 1/2C we know how important it is to give timely, helpful, kind and specific feedback to ourselves and each other.

During our unit on procedure texts, the students have been giving themselves feedback in the form of a checklist, giving and receiving feedback from their friends about the procedure text as well as feedback from me.

I have decided to try out the ‘Star and a Step’ feedback during this unit. After their first procedure text I gave each child some feedback; I gave them a star (something they did really well and should continue to do), and a step (something that they could do to make their next procedure better), this feedback was directly linked to the success criteria. The students had time to read their feedback and talk to me about their next step, this made them aware of what to focus on for their next procedure. After their second procedure text I gave them a ‘Star and a Step’ feedback again and the students compared the feedback and their procedures. Many of them were happy with the improvements they made.

Congratulations everyone in 1/2C for giving and receiving feedback with Growth Mindsets.

Teamwork in 1/2C


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1/2C have been demonstrating excellent teamwork lately, this has been demonstrated in their commitment to reducing the amount of rubbish they bring to school on Nude Food days and every other day. We are the class that has had the least amount of rubbish for the most weeks. Maybe you could ask your child why it is so important to reduce the amount of rubbish we use and how they can bring less rubbish to school. Nude Food days are held every Thursday.

Yesterday, we joined with Mrs Hind’s class to have some fun and work as a team. Each class had to line up holding hands and pass a hoop from one to the other down the line as fast as they could without breaking grip. Everyone in 1/2C was really into it, there was a lot of encouragement for their team mates, I was very pleased to see that they cheered Mrs Hind’s class on as well. This was a great activity that allowed our class to be problem solvers and a team.

You can see some photos of the fun, camaraderie and strategies below.


Week 1,2,3 Numeracy – Place Value


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Over the last few weeks Grade 1/2s have been working on their Place Value goals in Numeracy.

They have learnt some fun and challenging maths games that have required them to play cooperatively, use their knowledge of place value, their addition strategies as well strategic thinking and problem solving. Some students had to apply a Growth Mindset to the challenges that they faced during these games. Some children learnt that you can be playing strategically and using all your maths strategies and still just be ‘unlucky’ and lose. Other students learnt to take risks, whilst some learnt to be cautious about where they placed their numbers.

Ask your child to show you how to play the ‘Guess My Number Game’ and ‘Overs and Unders’. Below is how Overs and Unders is set up.

overs and unders

Welcome Back for Term 2!


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Everyone in Grade 1/2C has come back from holidays feeling refreshed and excited to continue their learning journey.

We have revisited what it means to have a Growth Mindset VS a Fixed Mindset and 1/2C have a very clear idea about what they need to do to have a Growth Mindset as you can see from their list below.

To be a student with a growth mindset I need to:
• Try my best everyday
• Challenge myself
• Try new things
• Take criticism, advice and feedback to improve
• Have a go
• Persist when things get hard
• Practise, practise, practise
• Build my stamina
• Make connections
• Work towards my goals
• Learn from my mistakes
• Try before asking for help

They understand that having a Fixed Mindset won’t help them to achieve their goals, as you can see from their list below.

A student with a fixed mindset might:
• Take the easy option
• Be scared of making mistakes
• Rush their work
• Ask for help with trying first
• Give up easily
• Be lazy
• Try to be perfect all the time

Each day we have been talking about times when we have had a Growth Mindset and choosing a Growth Mindset goal for the day.

You can see that 1/2C really have a Growth Mindset below.


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