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The new homework rubric has been embraced with enthusiasm by most students in 3/4! They are enjoying having the choice of fun and creative homework tasks like cooking, presenting speeches about their interests and making videos.

Check out the photos and videos below for some inspiration.

Literacy – Writing


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This term we have been focusing on writing correct sentences. Students have been writing simple sentences and then turning them into compound sentences through the use of compound conjunctions.

You can see an example of writing which shows simple sentences transformed into compound sentences.

IMG_3535 IMG_3536

Week 7 Mappen – Community Services


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One of the tasks that students completed this week was to work together to list all the services in the Ararat community that help them. We then categorized the benefits as being for health, happiness or safety.


Week 7 Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction


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This week our focus for Numeracy was addition and subtraction, in particular using efficient strategies to solve problems. Students played ‘Pot of Doom’ where they were required to use a variety of strategies, this game was very popular. They also had a go at completing an addition grid and then colour coding the strategies that they used.



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“What does my community provide to support my well being and that of other community members across all ages?”

Please write your answer in the comments section below. Make sure you tell us if it helps your health, safety, social life or other.

Numeracy Week 5/6 – Fractions


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We have had a lot of fun learning about fractions over the last week and a half. Most of us understand that a fraction is an equal part of a whole.

Miss Carey made fractions really fun for us the first day by getting us to write and draw fractions about a packet of m&ms.

We made fracterpillars. They were a lot of fun to make. We had to learn how to fold shapes into equal parts. We found out the triangles can be tricky to fold. Don’t our fracterpillars make our classroom look great?!

We also made our very own fraction walls to use during maths. We have been using them to compare the size of fractions and to find equivalent fractions.

Another fun thing was playing against a partner to fill a fraction wall on our netbooks. You would get a fraction and you would have to work out how to colour it in. Gio worked out that you could colour 1/2 in by colouring in 1/4+2/8 if there weren’t enough fourths or eighths. You can play this game at home by following the link http://www.numeracyhelper.com/fractionwalls/

Miss Carey made some games for us to play, to help us learn to find equivalent fractions and add fractions better. They were good fun. We were really excited about the Star Wars Go Fish game.

Growth Mindset Poem


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Jacob wrote a poem about what it means to have a Growth Mindset.

You can read it below.

March 2nd 2016 018

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