Quality Beginnings


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Quality Beginnings | Posted on 17/02/2016

We have started the year with our Quality Beginnings program. Students have been learning how to learn, including thinking about how they learn best and what makes learning difficult.

During this time they have been learning and practicing the expectations for playing cooperative maths games. These maths games are aimed at developing their understanding of topics, fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. A little fun also helps them to enjoy the learning experience. These games are often easy for your child to play at home with very little equipment. All you need are often a deck of cards, a dice and some paper.

In Literacy, we have been making iCharts and setting up our Daily 5 expectations. We are also building our stamina so that we can read for longer.

Discoveries is now called Mappen for Years 3-6. Our topic this term is Identity. This has fitted in really well with Quality Beginnings as the students have been learning about themselves as a learner, member of 3/4C and the Middle School community.

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