Week 4 Literacy – Rocket Writing


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This week we have continued with Rocket Writing. Everyone is really enjoying it, there are often cheers when we say that we are going to do Rocket Writing. This week after writing the students have got together with a partner to give some Star and Step feedback to each other. You can read some of the feedback that they have given each other in the photos below. It is great to see that the students are giving feedback which is kind, specific and helpful. You can click on the image to view it larger. If you leave any feedback, please write your feedback on the main post, not the picture.

Week 4 Numeracy – Money


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This week we had a lot of fun in Numeracy learning about money. Students were involved in identifying money, ordering it, sorting it, counting amounts of money and working out change. It was great to see how focused everyone was and how they were so willing to challenge themselves. Most of the recording was done by doing coin rubbings in their books.


Week 3 Numeracy – Location and Directions


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This week was a really fun week in Maths. We were learning to give and follow directions, as well as read, interpret and make coordinate grid maps.

Some of the fun activities that we did were: battleships against Mrs Hind’s class (we won!), battleships with a partner, and drawing and labeling a treasure map with appropriate markings on the coordinate grid and coordinate map references.

Special Event – Sailing


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We were lucky enough to have Sailing Victoria visit our school this week. They brought a small yacht. All the Grade 1/2s learnt the different parts of the yacht as well as the directional language used on a yacht. They then played a game where they had to run the correct way when the directions were called out to them. This fitted in very well with our current unit about locations and directions.


Week 3 Discoveries


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This week we only had a short Discoveries session due to swimming. Everyone started writing some questions that they had about the different types of science. These will hopefully help the students to choose the area of science which interests them most for their research project.

Week 3 Literacy – Rocket Writing


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This week we have done some Rocket Writing. Rocket Writing is lots of fun! It is when the students are shown an inspirational picture, word or phrase and have a short amount of time to write, without any planning time. Students are allowed to write any text type they like, the focus is on just writing for enjoyment. There were only a few hesitant starters, but everyone got something written down and as I walked around I could see how engaged everyone was.

Here are a few examples of what the students were able to write in just 10 minutes. I have taken the liberty to fix up some of the spelling and punctuation.

There was a sheep. He was dawdling. He was lazy and a goat pushed the sheep in the bottom and ran away from the sheep. The sheep started to run. He ran so fast he started… Ella

There once was a lamb who was lonely. He did not have any food or drinks. He was living in a tree. He didn’t have a bed also he was very poor and he couldn’t buy anything. Rishi

One day I was walking to Isobel’s house for a sleepover. I wasn’t there yet and my friend Sarah the lamb was flying, she said ‘hi Miah, Stella the witch made me fly by magic. Aleara is trying to stop me. Stop! You’ll get turned into something.’ So she hid behind the bushes. ‘How do I get down?’ Sarah said ‘I’ll get the wand and make you come back down.’ So I ran and jumped and… Miah

Here are some photos from Daily 5 this week.




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This week after meditation we had a discussion afterwards about what images, sounds and feelings they had during the meditation session. The students were all very keen to write and draw about this.  There were so many different things that the students pictured in their minds, but the theme of water running was a common one. You can see some examples of their writing below.

I found a magic wood. It has wishes that are orange, they move by themselves. You get everything you wish for. There are rainbows that you can slide on. Rowdy

I saw the sea and the waves and the waves are going up and down and I was hot and then it got cold and it was raining and I had to go inside because it was getting cold. Summer

My place is calm. The water is soft. There is a river and a waterfall. The water is like calm waves. The waves are small. There is a rainbow over the waterfall. The water is slow. The sound is like ‘shhhhhhh.’  Phoebe

I imagine that i’m in a jungle in America. It was drizzly, it sounded like calm rain. There is a huge waterfall and little pond. The pond was 5.3 square metres. Pat

Week 2 Literacy – Expositions


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We have continued writing expositions this week. Many of the students have nearly finished their expositions.

Together we wrote an exposition about why children should learn to swim. This was typed up and pinned up at the Ararat Fitness Centre where members of the community can read our exposition and learn about the importance of learning to swim.

Week 2 Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction


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This week we have been practicing our Addition and Subtraction learning goals and using our strategies to solve problems.

Week 1 Numeracy – Place Value


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This week in Numeracy, we have been working on our Place Value goals. Everyone has really focused and enjoyed challenging themselves. We have really focused on extended notation and renaming.

TASK: Proper Nouns


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This week we have been learning the difference between nouns and proper nouns.

We already know that nouns are names of; people, places and things.

Proper nouns begin with capital letters and are the names of specific people and places.

You can see the poster that we made in class turning common nouns into proper nouns.

Common nouns vs proper nouns

If you are still unsure about what a proper noun is, watch the video below.

Can you list some proper nouns? Write them in the comments section.

Week 1 Literacy – Expositions


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This week we have started to learn about expositions. Everyone remembered learning about them earlier in the year. We started by reading an exposition and then came up with the Learning Intention and Success Criteria. This is our Learning Intention and Success Criteria.

 LI and SC exposition

During the week, we read lots of expositions, wrote expositions as a whole class after coming up with them orally. We then had a go at planning an exposition in small groups.

Working together to come up with arguments for a group exposition.

Working together to come up with arguments for a group exposition.

The students have enjoyed getting back into Daily 5.

Week 1 Discoveries – Science Immersion


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This week we have begun our immersion period for Discoveries this term. Our topic this term is Science. All Grade 1/2s have worked together to think about what a scientist is and what science is.

On Tuesday and Wednesday all students participated in a huge range of science experiments to get them excited and curious about science. Some of the experiments included, making helicopters, floating and sinking, using magnets and magnifying glasses, how heat changes things, and nature rubbings.

On Thursday, the students will go to different teachers to be immersed in different types of science; for example, physical science, biology including the human body and plants, as well as earth science.

Below you can watch a video with some incredible water science experiments.

Week 9/10 Discoveries


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Week 9 and 10 were super busy with students working hard to finish their research and create projects for our topic Where Does It Come From? The students have been very creative with the way they have presented their projects and they have taken care to copy their edited draft correctly for their final copy.

Here are photos of some of the students hard at work, getting their creations ready for the exhibition.


All the teachers and parents were very proud to see your final projects at the Discoveries Exhibition. Check out some of the photos below.


TASK: Contractions


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This week our class took an interest in contractions and we made it a challenge to go home and work out what words, such as here’s and she’ll meant. We eventually worked out that they were contractions and that contractions are two words which have had some letters chopped out and an apostrophe replace them.

You can watch some of the videos to help you remember what contractions are:

Can you think of anymore contractions? Write them in the comments section during Daily 5.

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