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Some of the chickens have finally hatched in Miss Sanford and Mrs Tapscott’s room. Some of the chickens needed a little expert assistance to get out of their egg. We had a look at the chickens today and worked with Miss Sanford’s class to come up with a description about the chickens.

Our Chickens

The chickens are black and yellow.

They grow in an incubator.

They are small.

The chickens look fluffy.

They like to run around and flap their wings.

Their legs are straight.

One of the chickens is sick.

They poo.

By 1/2C and 1/2S

Week 8 Literacy – Character traits


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We continued learning about character traits this week.

We read an interesting book called ‘The Love Monster’ and discovered that he had character traits of a kind, caring and sharing person, but he was starting to show character traits like, greed and selfishness when he was thinking about eating all the chocolates by himself. Check out our poster below.


We also listened to the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ and compared their character traits. We thought about which character traits we shared with either the Tortoise or the Hare during our skipping race.

hare and tortoise

Special Event – Basketball


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After another fun 3 weeks of basketball, the students got to go and play basketball at the YMCA stadium with all the other Grade 1/2 classes.

It was a great chance for everyone to use the basketball skills they had been learning into action and play a modified game of basketball.

All students enjoyed playing as a team and wearing the MASSIVE basketball jumpers.



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