Special Event – Ashton’s Huski Pups


Posted by misscarey | Posted in Literacy | Posted on 21/08/2015

Yesterday I brought in my huski puppies to school.

I wanted everyone in my class to see the puppies.

Everyone thought they were cute.

I passed the puppies around the circle. People thought they were soft.

The puppies names are Takani and Yokone. Takani is black and white, she has one blue eye and one green one. Yokone is red and white, she has a black eyes.

I really like playing with the puppies. Next week we are selling the huski puppies.

Written by Ashton

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That was very kind of you to bring your pups into class for everyone to meet Ashton. By the way you described them, they sound very cute!

Ashton, you did a good job of choosing the pictures. Next time you could write a little bit more.


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