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This afternoon we had a meditation session and then did some mindful drawing. Students had to start in the centre of their page and draw a continuous line, however they liked. The only thing that they were thinking about was the direction they would go in next. This is an easy activity to do, to calm down after a stressful day, and is very similar to the purpose of the very popular mindful colouring books, where you just think about the colours.

Here are a few examples of mindful drawing.

Week 7 Numeracy – Addition


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We revisited Michael Ymer’s game ‘Get Out Of My House’ this week. This time we focused on the students identifying which addition strategy they used to add the dice together. You can see pictures of the student working together and recording the strategies that they used.

Week 7 – Literacy


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This week we have continued to read our class novel ‘Pippi Longstocking’. We learnt that you can infer character traits by thinking about their actions, thoughts and feelings.

We made a poster about Pippi’s character traits.


Skipping Lesson


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Today we learnt to skip. Some of the skipping tricks were a bit hard.

First, we learnt how to skip normally, then we learnt how to jog skip.

After that we learnt how to do a few other harder tricks. We learnt how to do the cross over and swing tricks. If we didn’t know how to do the tricks before, we felt really cool when we got it.

The bell trick was hard because we had to jump backwards and forwards.

We also learnt to do the twist jump, it was exciting when we got it right.

Just before we went inside we worked with a partner and our partner counted how many jumps we could do. We had to try and beat our partners score and our own score.

Isobel showed us how to do lots of the tricks, because she is talented at skipping.

We did some skipping because we are going to have a ‘Jump Off’ for Jump Rope For Heart.

“I was good at the cross over trick.” Bella

“I really liked the first trick, where we jumped with two feet.” Kyle

“I liked cross over.” Indi

“My favourite skipping trick was the jogging one, because you sort of get to run around a bit.” Ryan

“I thought the one where you jump side to side was easy because I had never done it before, I tried and I could do it.” Miah

“I liked the one where we jump with double feet.” Rishi

“I liked the jogging one because I got to do more skipping. Because it’s easy. After the jogging one, the other tricks were a bit hard.” Phoebe

Written by 1/2C

Week 6 Numeracy – Transformations


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This week we were learning about transformations. There are three main ways that you can transform something; slide, flip and turn.

We made transformation books, we had to work out if the pictures had been slid, flipped or turned and then write a definition for each of the transformations.

We also learnt that when you turn something you can turn it clockwise (right) or anticlockwise (left) and you can turn it 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn, 3/4 turn or a full turn. Some of us were starting to understand that there are 360 degrees in full turn, 180 degrees in a half turn and each quarter turn is 90 degrees.

You can watch a video of Isobel explaining some of this. She does a fantastic job of teaching other kids about the transformation, turn.

Week 6 Discoveries


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This week we started researching our topics. We learnt how to watch videos, pause them and think about the key facts we learnt.

Please keep watching the videos in our Week 5 Discoveries post so you can keep learning about your topic at home.

Special Event – Ashton’s Huski Pups


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Yesterday I brought in my huski puppies to school.

I wanted everyone in my class to see the puppies.

Everyone thought they were cute.

I passed the puppies around the circle. People thought they were soft.

The puppies names are Takani and Yokone. Takani is black and white, she has one blue eye and one green one. Yokone is red and white, she has a black eyes.

I really like playing with the puppies. Next week we are selling the huski puppies.

Written by Ashton

Week 4 Numeracy – Symmetry


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This week in numeracy we have been learning all about symmetry.

We have done paintings where we only painted on one side of the line of symmetry. After this we folded our paper along the line of symmetry, and made our paintings the same on both sides.

We all turned ourselves into Mr Kean’s mirror, but are still trying to understand that distance from the line of symmetry is important, or else it will not be symmetrical.

Week 5 Literacy – Daily 5 (Guided Reading)


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We’ve loved reading our books with Mr Kean during Guided Reading.

Guided Reading with Mr Kean

Guided Reading with Mr Kean

We’ve been giving each other coaching or time and practising giving a retell of what we have read.

TASK – When Two Vowels go Walking – ai


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This week we learnt that ‘when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.

‘ai’ is our spelling sound of the week.

Can you think of any ‘ai’ words and write them in the comments?

Week 5 Numeracy – Fractions


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This week we learnt that fractions are equal parts of a whole.

We had a go at making 1/2s, 1/4s and 1/8s out of shapes.

It was a lot of fun making fractions.

Week 5 Discoveries – Research


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This week we have been filling out thinking tools to find out how much we already know about where things come from.

Below are some videos and links that you can follow to find out more about where your ‘thing’ comes from.


How is steel made?


Why do cows make milk?

From the dairy to the shop



Electricity – various sources

Electricity – interactive




Wool facts and videos

How wool is made. Video


Chocolate facts – KidCyber

The Story of Chocolate – videos

The Chocolate factory

Discoveries – Eggs!!


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We had an incubator and eggs brought into our classroom on Tuesday. It will be about 21 days until we have little chickens.

Mr Kean helped us work out what date the chickens will hatch by making a big calendar on the floor and matched with the stages of the chicken growing in the egg.

We can’t wait to watch the eggs hatch and have chickens in our classroom.

Week 4 Literacy – Punctuation


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This week in literacy we have been learning about punctuation.

We had kungfu punctuation with Mr Kean.


Kung Fu Punctuation

Kung Fu Punctuation

Mr Kean made some punctuation games. The paddle pop one was very challenging.


Special Event – NED Show


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On Thursday Ryan came to our school with his friend NED. NED didn’t want to come to school today, he had to be convinced.

NED had an adventure on the way to school and showed us how he got here, using his yoyo to solve problems along the way.

NED stands for




You can visit his website for games, activities and yoyo tricks.

NED website

Week 4 Discoveries – Research projects


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This week we have chosen our topic for Discoveries.

Some of the topics for Where Does it Come From? are; electricity, glass, milk, steel, chocolate, wool and wood.

We have written our learning intentions and some questions that we want to find the answers to.

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