Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition


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A huge congratulations to everyone in 1/2C for putting in such a huge amount of time and effort into their research and create projects. They looked fantastic at our exhibition today! 🙂

Thank you, to all the parents, friends and families who came along to see the wonderful and creative projects that the 1/2s have all been working on throughout this very long term.

I have put some photos up on the blog and each child will get a photo and their evaluation to take home tomorrow.

We would love to hear what you thought of our exhibition! Please leave us some feedback below. 🙂

Week 11 Discoveries – ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition TOMORROW!!


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We have been working super hard in 1/2C to finish our research and create projects ready to share with our parents, friends and the wider community at our ‘Then and Now’ Exhibition.

We can’t wait to see you all there and we hope you like our projects.

We would love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Week 10 Literacy – reflecting on ‘The Smallest Girl Ever’


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In class, we have been reading the novel ‘The Smallest Girl Ever’ and we finished it today. Here is what the children thought of the characters.

Keep your eyes on this space for a recount of the story.

Week 9/10 Discoveries – Then and Now Research and Create Projects


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Our ‘Then and Now’ exhibition is coming up on Thursday the 25th of June at 2pm in the Learning Centre and everyone in 1/2C are very busy getting ready for it.

Everyone is working hard to complete their research projects in time and there have been some fantastic creation started.

We are very excited for as many of our parents and friends to come and see our hard work.

Week 10 Numeracy – Money


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Over the next two weeks we will be learning about money.

Please let your children work with money, sorting, counting and ordering amounts of money. See if they think the amount is closer to $1 or $2. Can they add up amounts of money? Can they give change?

I have put some links to money activities under the Numeracy Websites on the right hand side of this site. Please have a look and a play. Your child can also log into Mathletics to complete money tasks.

Thanks, in advance.

Miss Carey

Week 9 Literacy – Descriptions


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We have continued writing descriptions this week. Everyone is becoming more confident and independent, which is fantastic.


Here are some examples:

Tigers – By Indi

Tigers fur is black and orange.

The tiger lives in the jungle.

The tigers like hunting.

There are not many tigers in the world. There are 1800 left.

They like lying in the shade.

They are soft.

They have a round body.

It has triangle eyes.

They have a large body.


Sasha – By Miah

Sasha is a black cattle dog and she has a black patch.

She has 4 legs on her body.

She has 2 triangle ears on her.

Sasha loves to go in the house.

She is soft on her back.

She is a medium size dog.

Sasha is crazy and this is how she is crazy. She runs around the yard and puts her paws in the water.

She loves to play ball.


Footy Uniform – By Ryan

When AFL players play a round of footy they wear special uniforms so the crowd knows which team is which and on the uniform are colours.

The Geelong colours are navy blue and white. The Carlton colours are navy blue and silver. The Geelong team represents Geelong.

Week 9 ICT – Doodle Buddy


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This week in ICT, students were learning how to use Doodle Buddy with EduCreations to make their own books for Listen to Reading. They had a lot of fun making the scenes and using their ever increasing iPad skills.

Week 9 Numeracy – Shapes


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This week we are learning about shapes. Both 2D and 3D.

Yesterday we were talking about what a shape is and after seeing many examples of shapes and non-shapes, they decided that a 2D shape is “lines joined together at corners, so that the shape can be coloured in.”

This morning we watched a story called ‘The Greedy Triangle’ and learnt lots of different shapes. There is even a shape that has 10 sides! It’s called a decagon! You can watch the video below and see our chart of shapes that we made.

shape poster

Today the Grade 1s have been playing Roll a Mouse, they have had to practise adding numbers together and drawing shapes.

The Grade 2s have been looking at 3D shapes and working out whether a shape is a pyramid or a prism and what they might be called by looking at the shape of the base. They have been counting the vertices (corners), faces and edges of 3D shapes.

Week 8 Numeracy – Subtraction


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This week we have continued to work on subtraction.

The students have done a great job at learning to make fact families, solve subtraction problems that require knowledge of doubles and near doubles, and tens facts.

Some of the students have even been working on 2 and 3 digit subtraction. Congratulations, for challenging yourself and trying to take numbers away that are close the the hundred; for example, 406 take away 37.



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We’ve had a few wet day timetables this week and some of the boys have started playing marbles with 10 sided dice. It’s a nice idea! They even made up their own rules.

FullSizeRender (2)

Daily 5 – Word Work


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When we do spelling we sometimes get to work in groups to write as many words as we can that have the sound we are learning about. Today we were making lists for the ‘l blends’. You can see us working together below.

IMG_2202 IMG_2203

In Daily 5 there are lots of Word Work activities to choose from. One of them is called ‘Parts of Speech’. You have to sort the words into; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions. Isobel had a go at this game for the first time today, she did a really good job and only had two mistakes. Nice work Isobel!


Week 8 Discoveries – Choosing Reliable Websites


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This week we have been using the iPads for research a lot. We have been talking about how you can know that the information you are getting is correct. We spoke about how Wikipedia is not the most reliable website as it can have many authors. We also spoke about checking the accuracy of the information you are finding out against other websites. An example of this was when Maxi was finding out the year that Ned Kelly was born, he was finding that different websites gave him different answers.

Week 8 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we are continuing to learn about descriptions.

Miss Carey read a description of a Kooky Clown and we had to listen really hard and draw what we thought it would look like.

This is the description that she read:
– This is a clown’s head that is in the middle of your page.
– It takes up 3/4 of your page.
– The clown has a round head with a white face.
– His curly hair is bright blue and it sticks out from his face.
– He has two big eyes that are positioned in the top half of his face. They are round at the top and straight along the bottom.
– His eyes are blue with black pupils.
– He has two black eyebrows just above his eyes.
– His nose is a big, shiny red circle.
– He has a big, wide smile that takes up the bottom third of his face. He has big red lips that are in an open smile.
– He is wearing a bright pink bow-tie that sits just under his head.
– On his head is a yellow top hat that is tilted slightly to his right.

FullSizeRender (1)

The students drew a first draft, then they gave feedback to a partner and listened to their partners feedback to try and improve it. Then they listened to the description again and drew a second draft. When they were finished they gave each other some final feedback.

This is some of the feedback that they gave each other at the end:

“You have a good nose, because you made it bright red and used texta like I told you to.” Kyle to Phoebe

“I like your bow because it is the right size and I like your nose because you have done it a bit bigger.” Phoebe to Kyle

“I like how you do the bow tie because it’s bigger.” Ryan to Sarah

“I like how you do the hat because it’s the right size, in your other one it was a little bit smaller and you made it bigger on your second draft.” Miah to Max

“I think you should don’t have any ears because it didn’t have any ears when Miss Carey said it.” Indi to Ashton

“I like how you did the nose because it’s big and round and shiny and I like how you did the hat because the flower was good and I like how the eyebrows were there because they are all straight.” Bella to Miley

You can see some photos of the first and final drafts below.

Mindfulness – Meditation


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As part of our learning about Growth Mindset and being aware of our selves as learners, Mrs Hind and I have started doing meditation with our classes.

The purpose of meditation is to teach the children how to calm their body and mind and become more mindful.

After just a few short meditation sessions with the 2 classes, we have been able to see that the children are becoming mindful and able to feel the bubble of air moving through their body.Some of the children have even said that they have had a go at meditation at home to help clear their mind before going to sleep.

These are some definitions of meditation that the children had:

“I think meditation helps your body calm and relax all the parts of your body.” Ryan

“I think meditation is something that calms your body down, but does it slowly so that you don’t get dizzy and it puts a smile on your mind so that you can work really hard all day.” Isobel

“Meditation is when you lie down and you breathe in and out.”Rishi

“Meditation is where you relax your body and mind and you don’t talk to anyone. You do deep breathing and make a bubble” Max

Here is how some of the children said they felt after meditation:

“I felt when I woke up, I felt kind of dizzy and tired and I felt like when I was breathing in, a bubble was going into my tummy and when I breathed out it popped and spread all through my body and made me feel very relaxed.” Phoebe

“I felt dizzy when I got up and when the meditation finished it started to hurt my tummy doing deep breathing” Summer

“After the meditation I felt a tiny bit dizzy but I felt great and I was ready to learn” Sarah

“I felt relaxed and ready to get started on my learning.” Pat

“I felt happy and I thought it was fun.” Rowdy

If you would like to practise doing meditation at home you could visit the website Smiling Mind and sign up for free meditation sessions, they are suitable for any age right up to adult. I’ve already downloaded some of the meditation tracks so that I can try meditation at home.

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