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Many of the students in 1/2C often bring in pieces of paper to show me how they have been continuing their learning at home. This makes me really proud to see that the students are excited to share what they have learnt at school with their parents and that they are working towards their learning goals with their family’s support.

I thought we could celebrate and share the different ways that students can practice at home, what they have been learning at school. I have dedicated a wall in our classroom for students to pin up the way they learn at home, whether that is a photo of them reading in their favourite place or with their favourite person, a photo of them making their spelling words outside with sticks and stones or with magnetic letters on the fridge. it could be as simple as bringing in the paper that they were working on.

I will also put some pictures up of different ways that the students might like to practice their spelling words as well as other fun homework ideas.

Here are some pictures of how the children are learning at home.


I will put my email address in next weeks Communication Note so that you can email me any photos of your child learning at home.

I look forward to seeing all the fun and creative ways that your child learns at home.

Miss Carey

Week 7 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we have continued to write descriptions. This time we are writing descriptions about ourselves. These descriptions will go into the time capsule to be opened up in 50 years! We will 56/57/58 years old!!

Week 7 Discoveries


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This week 1/2C have been choosing the questions that they want to research for their project.

Today we were learning how use books and the internet to find answers to our questions. We learnt to use the contents page in a book and look for key words. When trying to find out answers on the internet we learnt that we don’t write the whole question, just the key words and sometimes we need to chose a synonym for a word. we tried this with Maxi’s question. Maxi’s question was ‘when did Ned Kelly die?’ we decided to type in the keywords; Ned Kelly and die, then we chose the synonyms ‘died’ and ‘killed’. These were the keywords that we looked for in the articles too. Maxi was learning to check to see if the answer was the same on different websites.

Week 7 Numeracy – Subtraction


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This week we are learning to do subtraction.

So far we have learnt that you always take away from the big number and your answer will be a smaller number.

We have been learning about fact families too.

You can read some of the students’ subtraction word problems in the comments section.

Week 5 and 6 Discoveries – Then and Now research projects


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During the last few weeks we have continued to follow the Research Pathway. We have written our learning intentions, used thinking tools and started researching our topics.

We took some time to share our thinking tools with each other. There were a few students who had a go at designing their own thinking tool.

We showed the students the rubric that they will be marked against. Many of the students were excited to see how they could achieve a good mark on their project and are trying to aim high and get 2 or 3 stars. As we were working 1/2C decided that there needed to be a criteria about questions and came up with a 1 star, 2 star and 3 star comment for coming up with questions. The students have already started to self reflect against the rubric and they are being very honest about the effort they are putting in.

You can see the rubric and our extra criteria below.

FullSizeRender (1)

Week 6 Numeracy – Addition


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This week we have been learning to use our addition strategies. We have been playing  a number of games to get us using the strategies.

You can see us working together on our strategies.

We have also been writing our own word problems.

addition problem

Please read some of the examples in the comments section.

Week 6 Literacy – Descriptions


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This week we have started to revisit writing descriptions.

We used the description octopus to write a description about Miss Carey.

Description Octopus

This is a 1 star description of Miss Carey:

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is 25.

She has brown hair.

She teaches maths, literacy and Daily 5.

Miss Carey smiles a lot.

She has really curly hair.

She is short.

Miss Carey can be found in her classroom, teaching 1/2C.

She likes teaching us.

We tried to turn our simple sentences into compound sentences.

This is a 2 star description of Miss Carey:

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is 25, she is the youngest teacher at Ararat Primary School.

She has light brown hair and it’s more golden towards the ends.

She loves to teach maths, literacy and Daily 5. She also teaches ICT in Rotations.

Miss Carey smiles a lot, especially when she thinks we’ve used a Growth Mindset and tried our best.

Every day she comes to school with her really curly hair.

She is the shortest teacher at Ararat 800 Primary School.

Miss Carey can be found in her classroom teaching 1/2C, sometimes she team teaches with Mrs Hind.

She likes teaching us and other grades because she likes kids.


We are having a go at writing a 3 star description by adding some more descriptive sentences.

Some of us are trying to write a 4 star description of Miss Carey, all by ourselves.

This is a 4 star description written by a Grade 1.

Miss Carey

Miss Carey is a short school teacher. Miss Carey is one of the youngest teachers.

She wears bright clothing everyday. She has beautiful clothing.

Miss Carey will make you happy when you are sad. Miss Carey will make your feelings grow.

She smiles everyday. She smiles lots of times.

She can be found teaching new things.

Check back in for more examples.

Task: Nouns


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Nouns are naming words. The name people, places, animals and things.

Can you list some nouns? Write some nouns in the comments box.

Have a go at the noun game below:

Find the Noun

Week 4 and 5 Literacy – Procedure texts


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Feedback is hugely important in 1/2C. In 1/2C we know how important it is to give timely, helpful, kind and specific feedback to ourselves and each other.

During our unit on procedure texts, the students have been giving themselves feedback in the form of a checklist, giving and receiving feedback from their friends about the procedure text as well as feedback from me.

I have decided to try out the ‘Star and a Step’ feedback during this unit. After their first procedure text I gave each child some feedback; I gave them a star (something they did really well and should continue to do), and a step (something that they could do to make their next procedure better), this feedback was directly linked to the success criteria. The students had time to read their feedback and talk to me about their next step, this made them aware of what to focus on for their next procedure. After their second procedure text I gave them a ‘Star and a Step’ feedback again and the students compared the feedback and their procedures. Many of them were happy with the improvements they made.

Congratulations everyone in 1/2C for giving and receiving feedback with Growth Mindsets.

Week 5 Numeracy – Length


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This week we were learning about length. A lot of the activities were very hands on and involved the children choosing materials to measure with. Some of the things we used to measure were: unifix, tens and rulers.

The students began the unit talking about the language we use when we are describing the length of something. They then had to find something that was shorter, longer and the same length as their hand.

The following day students were challenged to make estimates about how long something was. We spoke a lot about how it is ok to make mistakes and how our estimates become more accurate the more we do it.

Here are some pictures of the way that they recorded their estimates and findings in their maths books.

Week 4 – Discoveries


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This week in Discoveries 1/2C have chosen what they would like to research in Discoveries. Their projects are about Then and Now.

We showed the students a rubric which outlines what they need to have in their project, we would hope that all students aim to get as many 2 stars and 3 stars as possible, with 3 stars being outstanding.

Many of the students started designing their own thinking tool after writing their learning intention.

Rotations – ICT


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On Fridays we do Rotations. Mrs Jerram teaches Bounce Back, Miss Sanford teaches sport/PMP, Mrs Hind teaches Music and Miss Carey teaches ICT.

In ICT we have been learning to use the Ipads to type. We learnt that there are different ways of getting capital letters and full stops.

“For a full stop, you can press the space bar two times.” Phoebe

“Go into numbers  and press the full stop.” Kyle

“We are learning to get full stops and capital ;letters at the start of every sentence and full stops at the end of sentences. To get a full stop press the ? and . button.” Rishi

“Press the white arrow one time to get one capital letter. The arrow will turn black.” Ashton

“You press the arrow button two times and it comes up with a black line underneath it and the letters will all be in capitals.” Summer

Last week we were learning how to use EduCreations, in particular the basics like typing, changing size and colour of the text. Putting pictures into the presentation and locking and unlocking text and photos. The Grade 2s have some experience of using EduCreations from last year and were helping the Grade 1s.

Numeracy Week 4 – Time


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This week we are learning about time. In particular; days, weeks, months, seasons and years.


Here are some fun songs that help us to learn about the seasons and months.



Below are some photos of us learning how to use calendars and ordering and matching months and seasons.

Teamwork in 1/2C


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1/2C have been demonstrating excellent teamwork lately, this has been demonstrated in their commitment to reducing the amount of rubbish they bring to school on Nude Food days and every other day. We are the class that has had the least amount of rubbish for the most weeks. Maybe you could ask your child why it is so important to reduce the amount of rubbish we use and how they can bring less rubbish to school. Nude Food days are held every Thursday.

Yesterday, we joined with Mrs Hind’s class to have some fun and work as a team. Each class had to line up holding hands and pass a hoop from one to the other down the line as fast as they could without breaking grip. Everyone in 1/2C was really into it, there was a lot of encouragement for their team mates, I was very pleased to see that they cheered Mrs Hind’s class on as well. This was a great activity that allowed our class to be problem solvers and a team.

You can see some photos of the fun, camaraderie and strategies below.


Week 3 Discoveries – Then and Now


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This week in Discoveries students were reflecting and discussing our trip to the museum last week and some of the items that we saw there. Students were involved in sorting photos of things that we had seen at the museum into categories such as; education, health, transport, houses, technology and clothing. They then chose something that interested them and drew a picture of what it used to look like, what it looks like now and they are in the process of drawing what they think it will look like in the future and explaining their designs.

We were also lucky enough to have Judy (Isobel’s mum) come in and share some old things from her family. She showed our grade her Grandfather’s wallet, diary, medals and sewing kit from when he was in World War 1, her Grandmother’s purse (still packed with leather gloves, a compact mirror and makeup) and a few old cameras. Everyone was really interested in these artifacts.

If you or your family have any old things that you would like to share with the class please send a note in your child’s diary or come and talk to me and we can make a time for you to share some of your family’s history.

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