Week 2 – 3 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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Over the last two weeks the students have been learning to read and follow procedure texts.

In Week 2 all Grade 1/2 students got to make ANZAC biscuits. First, they had to cut and reorder the recipe. Then 1/2C and 1/2H worked together with the assistance of Sri and Judy to measure and mix the ingredients. Everyone had fun rolling their ANZAC biscuits and of course eating them afterwards!

1/2C have been writing procedure texts in groups and on their own. Everyone in 1/2C received a star and a step feedback from me about one of their procedure texts they had written, they are using this feedback to know what was good about it and they should keep doing and what their next step is to make their next procedure even better!  Students had a go at assessing their own writing against the success criteria too.

I look forward to reading more procedure texts next week.

Week 1,2,3 Numeracy – Place Value


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Over the last few weeks Grade 1/2s have been working on their Place Value goals in Numeracy.

They have learnt some fun and challenging maths games that have required them to play cooperatively, use their knowledge of place value, their addition strategies as well strategic thinking and problem solving. Some students had to apply a Growth Mindset to the challenges that they faced during these games. Some children learnt that you can be playing strategically and using all your maths strategies and still just be ‘unlucky’ and lose. Other students learnt to take risks, whilst some learnt to be cautious about where they placed their numbers.

Ask your child to show you how to play the ‘Guess My Number Game’ and ‘Overs and Unders’. Below is how Overs and Unders is set up.

overs and unders

Week 1 Discoveries – Then and Now Immersion


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We have started to immerse the Grade 1/2s into our Term 2 theme ‘Then and Now’. This theme has been chosen to coincide with Ararat 800’s sesquicentenary celebrations happening in May.

We have read ‘Papa and the Olden Days’ and compared the differences and similarities between ‘then and now’. You can see the student’s knowledge below.


Then and Now Venn Diagram

Then and Now Venn Diagram

Everyone was very excited to come back to school and see how the classroom had been transformed. Here are a few photos of our classroom.


Today we went outside and played a game where you had to stand behind a line, pick up a stone and then put it further away than anyone else could reach.


We then got to play, pretend, explore and create in our classroom thinking about how people lived in the olden days.

Welcome Back for Term 2!


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Everyone in Grade 1/2C has come back from holidays feeling refreshed and excited to continue their learning journey.

We have revisited what it means to have a Growth Mindset VS a Fixed Mindset and 1/2C have a very clear idea about what they need to do to have a Growth Mindset as you can see from their list below.

To be a student with a growth mindset I need to:
• Try my best everyday
• Challenge myself
• Try new things
• Take criticism, advice and feedback to improve
• Have a go
• Persist when things get hard
• Practise, practise, practise
• Build my stamina
• Make connections
• Work towards my goals
• Learn from my mistakes
• Try before asking for help

They understand that having a Fixed Mindset won’t help them to achieve their goals, as you can see from their list below.

A student with a fixed mindset might:
• Take the easy option
• Be scared of making mistakes
• Rush their work
• Ask for help with trying first
• Give up easily
• Be lazy
• Try to be perfect all the time

Each day we have been talking about times when we have had a Growth Mindset and choosing a Growth Mindset goal for the day.

You can see that 1/2C really have a Growth Mindset below.


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