Happy Easter!


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Enjoy your Easter holidays 1/2C! I hope that you have lots of fun as well as some time to relax and get some energy for Term 2! I hope the Easter Bunny comes.

See you On Tuesday the 14th of April for the first day of Term 2.

Miss Carey

Discoveries – Finished Research Projects!


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Congratulations to all the students in 1/2C for working very hard on their mini beast research projects.

I have been very impressed by the focus, stamina and descriptive writing skills of the students. They have done a fantastic job of listening to information, locating key words and then putting those words into their own sentences.

Below are some examples of students projects presented on EduCreations.



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Today we had a very exciting and informative visit. We had Pat’s Grandad Andy bring in lots of his beekeeping equipment.

Your child would have come home with a small container of honey. This honey was made by bees that collect nectar from red box, blue box, yellow box and red gums. If your child is allergic to any of these please be aware.

Thanks, Miss Carey

A more detailed blog post with photos will follow next week.

Week 6 and 7 Numeracy – addition strategies


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We have been learning to use the most effective strategy to find the answer to addition problems.

Some of the strategies that we have been using are:
– counting all
– counting on
– tens facts
– doubles
– near doubles
– bridging to the nearest ten
– adding two 2 digit numbers effectively

We have been getting lots of practice by playing lots of games.

You can see some photos of a few of the games below.








This is a rap that we have been singing along to, to learn our tens facts.

When Isobel brought bees to school


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This morning, Isobel brought her mum Judy and some bees to school. She wanted to show us the queen bee that came in the mail, there were also some worker bees.

First, we passed the bees around. The bees were in a small box. The bees got in through a small hole, Judy told us they have to catch the bees and put them in through the hole and then put a plug in. There is wire on the top. There was some honecomb in the box for the bees to eat so the bees don’t get hungry.

Second, Isobel showed us the dead queen bee that was in the box. We knew it was the queen bee because the abdomen was long. The worker bees often have darker stripes than the queen bee.

Thirdly, Judy told us that the worker bees choose the queen bee by feeding a worker bee the royal jelly to turn it into a queen bee.

Finally, we learnt that the bee keeper can calm the bees down by using a smoker. They do this so that the bees won’t get angry and sting the beekeeper.

We were interested in what Judy had to tell us, because we are learning about bees.

The queen bee.

The queen bee.


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