Week 5 Discoveries – Minibeasts Research Projects


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This week in Discoveries the students have selected the minibeast that they want to research and worked with other students to come up with lots of questions. They are learning how to classify questions, for example sorting all the questions about food, appearance or protection from each other. By the end of this week students will have selected the questions that they want to research and begin finding and reading information about their minibeast.

If you follow the link below you will see some incredible close up photos of bees!

Amazing close up of bees!

Quality Beginnings – Numeracy


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In Numeracy we have been teaching students to play maths games cooperatively. Games are used in our Numeracy lessons a lot as they allow students to enter the game with varying skills and leave with extra skills gained. Many of the games that they will play are modified for different students so that they can develop their fluency, practice strategies or be challenged to solve problems and explain their reasoning.

One of the games that students have been learning to play is called ‘Get out of my House’, it is a game that requires students to play cooperatively with a partner and use addition strategies. As students become comfortable playing the game, the game will be modified for some students to practice the skills outlined above.

Here are some photos of students playing ‘Get out of my House’.

Quality Beginnings – Growth Mindset ‘Power of Yet’


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During Quality Beginnings, students have started learning about an interesting thing called ‘Growth Mindset’. The students have been learning that they can do anything if they put their mind to it and have a growth mindset because they have an ‘elastic brain’ that stretches and grows when they challenge themselves or learn something. A student with a growth mindset is more likely to become a high achiever and more confident. A student with a fixed mindset may not achieve their full potential and may be less confident.

Let’s compare the two from some posters that are displayed in our classroom:

Growth mindset posters

We watched a video called ‘The Power of Yet’ it is a fun and engaging video that shows Sesame Street characters learning from their mistakes, through persistence, coaching and encouragement.

If you find that your child has a fixed mindset and struggles with some of their learning you can use the language that we use at school. Say to your child “You may not have/know/be able to do (a skill, strategy or fact) YET! But with practice you will.” If you try this at home let me know how it goes in the comments below. Here are some things that some of the students in 1/2C can’t do yet, but will be able to do with practice.

Welcome back!


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Welcome back to a new school year! A big welcome to the Grade 1s who have now joined us in Buzzy Bee world. I am looking forward to a fantastic year with you in my class. You are in for a lot of fun, lots of learning, challenges and growing your brain!

We will continue to use this blog as a tool for sharing our learning and reflecting about what we have learnt. All students will have their own blog attached to this one where they will write and edit posts so that they can share their learning with you.

We hope that we will be able to connect and share with people from our own school, families and also other people from around the world to create a big community.

Please check our blog regularly as there will be new posts each week, dates of important events and even some small, FUN homework tasks. It would be great if you could help your child write comments on the blog. Your own comments and words of encouragement to members in this class will be appreciated by the students and make them feel special that people are looking at, and are interested in what they are learning.

Miss Carey

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