Week 8 Numeracy – Capacity


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This week we have been investigating how to measure the capacity of a range of containers. Students put the containers in the order of least capacity to most capacity. They had to select measuring tools to use and investigate how best to use them to find the capacity.

You can see some photos from our capacity investigations below.

Week 8 Literacy – Explanations


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This week we have been learning how to write explanations.

We read lots of explanations and wrote one as a whole class.

Please read our explanation about the importance of brushing and flossing teeth in the photo below.


Week 8 Numeracy – Problem Solving: Area


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This week students have been learning how to measure the surface area of objects in our classroom using uniform informal units such as 100s blocks, unifix and dice.

Today they tested their knowledge by problem solving.

Students were required to try and estimate and measure surface areas that they thought would have an area of 60 unifix.

They organised their findings by listing what they found as having an area of less than 60, more than 60 or an area of exactly 60.

photo 5

Some of the objects that had a surface area of 60 unifix.

Some of the objects that had a surface area of 60 unifix.

Week 7 – Revision


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This week students have been involved in a lot of revision of topics they have learnt throughout the year. Students were also involved in a number of assessments this week.

You can see the students pictures of the students working hard on revising their spelling knowledge, maths problem solving and being tested.

Week 6 Numeracy – Time


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Students have continued to strengthen their understanding of telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter to/quarter past times by working with a partner and creating a video tutorial or a tutorial on EduCreations. Many students enjoyed working with their partner, sharing the teaching of the concept.

We have also revisited days of the week, months and seasons of the year. We have used many songs to help us remember the order that they go in. Ask your child if they can sing one of the songs to you, or follow the link below. The seasons song is one that Miss Carey made up in class so there isn’t a YouTube clip for it.

Week 6 – Discoveries – Scientific Animal Drawings


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Giving effective feedback has been a big focus for myself and my class this year. We have watched a video to learn how specific feedback can help us improve our work. However, excellent feedback will only help us if we listen and appreciate that it is constructive feedback and its purpose is not to tell us that our work is bad, but to point out areas that can be improved and provide helpful coaching or tips.

You can watch the video through the link below.
Austins’ Butterfly

Today 1/2AC were learning how to draw scientific drawings. They had to look at a photo of their favourite animal using their scientists eye, looking for important details. Students were required to make multiple drafts and ask for 2 or 3 pieces of feedback from a friend before having a go at their next draft.

Our class came up with some specific areas that may need feedback. Some of them were: size, lines, length/width, shape, position or number. Students noticed that many of these were similar to our describing sentences.

You can see some examples of students’ drafts below.

photo 1

photo 2

Week 6 Literacy – Zoo Recounts


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Yesterday the Grade 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo. Everyone had a fantastic time seeing the animals that they have been learning about. Some of the animals were very impressive up close.

You can read some recounts below and if you come to assembly on Monday you will hear Sativah read hers out to the school.

The Melbourne Zoo Trip
Yesterday, the Grade 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo, we went to see the animals.

First, we did the roll the we hopped on the bus. In one hour (3 hours!) we were at the Melbourne Zoo. The parents squeezed sunscreen on us. Then the teachers and parents got a map.

Next, we went to see the butterfly house. Two of the big butterflies went on my hat and shirt. Then we went to the reptiles. I saw a tiger snake, then we had recess, then a ice-cream and we saw four parrots while we were eating.

Finally, we saw the elephants and hippos then had lunch.

It was fun learning and looking at the animals.

By Ashlyn

The Melbourne Zoo Trip
Yesterday 1/2AC and the other 1/2s went to the Melbourne Zoo to look at the animals and have fun.

First, our teachers did the roll when we got to school. The we went to the bus and got on it. It was a long drive.

When we got there we got our recess and got in our groups.

After that, we went to look at the animals. First, a big turtle then meerkats then monkeys and apes then elephants seals then zebras and then giraffes. Then red pandas.

After lunch we saw the big cats then Australian animals also the frogs then the reptiles.

Then we went home. On the way home I read my book.

My favourite animal was the tiger.

By Jed

Special Events – Remembrance Day


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On Tuesday all Ararat Primary students participated in a special Remembrance Day assembly at the front of the school near the flag pole. Some Grade 6 students led the assembly and Walter played the Last Post and the Ravally.

When we got back to class we wrote a description about poppies, veterans or medals. These topics were inspired from some pictures and stories that we had read earlier.

Some of the students descriptions can be read below.

Remembrance Day – by Pat
Every November the 11th it is Remembrance Day.

Poppies are red like blood. The centre of the poppies are black. Their stems is green.

The poppies grow in a battlefield. People wear poppies on their shirt.

Poppies are small in a badge. Their stems are medium.

Remembrance Day – By Amity
Poppies are red and inside they are black.

They are dark red and they live in a poppy meadow.

The poppies are small and little. They can sometimes be like badges, stickers or fake poppies.

Poppies are curvy. Poppies are soft and pretty.

Remembrance Day – by Jaime
The vetrans are sitting on a seat. One of them is in a wheelchair. They are smiling.

The have badges that take up most of the space on their chests. They have big poppies.

They have red poppies.

Remembrance Day – by Ryan
On Remembrance Day we remember those who fought for our freedom.

The vetrans have a blanket over themself to keep them warm. They might be feeling happy because they are still alive.

Remembrance Day – by Joe
The vetrans feel happy because the war is over.

They are in a grassy area. One of them is in a wheelchair. The other two are in a chair.

In the war the vetrans fought for our country. They had to crawl through trenches and fire at the enemy.

They are old because they were in the war.

Huff and Puff Maths


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Every Friday morning the whole school is involved in Huff and Puff where students and teachers run and walk around the school collecting counters for their House.

When 1/2AC come back in we always do some maths with the counters. Sometimes we practise counting or our addition strategies, often we use tens frames to help organise the counters. Other times we might practise multiplication or division by making arrays, groups of or sharing the counters into groups. Sometimes we will make a graph with our counters and do some statistics and analyse the data, talking about why one team might have more counters than another.

You can see a video of some of the maths talk that happened this morning when we were adding up our counters.

Week 5 Discoveries – stalls and competitions


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Last week, all students made a wish list of activities and things that they would like to do and buy. They were given $5 if they were a Grade 1 and $10 if they were a Grade 2, which they had to plan how to spend. Students learnt to add up how much the activities would cost to see if they could afford it.

On Wednesday this week 1/2AC and 1/2FC joined together to have some fun at some of 1/2AC’s Discoveries stalls and competitions.

1/2AC students set up their competition areas and stalls and then chose a friend to help them with the money or scoring. When it was all set up the rest of 1/2AC and 1/2FC came out and joined in the fun. All students participated really well, lining up and awaiting their turn, being polite and checking that they gave or received the correct amount of change.

1/2AC competition organisers will write and distribute their certificates on Monday.

Week 5 Numeracy – Time


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This week the Grade 1/2s have been learning about time.

So far this week we have learnt about o’clock and half past times. We have made clocks and talked about how we know if a time is o’clock or half past.

Some of the explanations that students came up with were:

It is o’clock if the long hand is on the 12.
It is o’clock if a digital clock has two zeroes at the end.

It is half past when the long hand is on the 6.
It is half past if the short hand is halfway between two numbers.
The digital clock will say 30 at the end because 30 minutes is half of 60 minutes.

Students have been learning how to match the digital, analogue and written time. You can see our o’clock clock below.

When we were learning about half past times. We learnt that each number on the clock is 5 minutes apart and that is why when the big hand is on the 6 it says the time is something thirty (4:30). We counted by 1s but said every 5th number louder to remember how many minutes past it is.

Week 5 Literacy – Inferring


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This week our comprehension focus has been on inferring. Inferring is an important skill to have to understand what we read better. Sometimes the author doesn’t tell you exactly what is going on and the reader has to put all the clues together to understand what is going on.

Our class have been reading inferring cards and making inferences from them.


An example is:

Ana and Sophie sat in their chairs staring straight ahead for nearly two hours. They did not talk or hardly even move, but they were not bored at all.

Where were Ana and Sophie?

What makes you think so?

Students then write their inferences using this sentence structure: I infer that… because…

Can you infer where Ana and Sophie were?

Discoveries event – 1/2AC competition and stalls


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Last week 1/2AC and 1/2FC found out that we will be having a competition and stalls afternoon this Wednesday after lunch. The students were required to write a wish list of activities they wish to partake in and add up how much money it will cost. Each Grade 1 child will have $5 to spend and the Grade 2s will have $10 to spend (all play money). The stall holders and competition organisers will be working on giving the correct amount of change and awarding certificates to the winners.

We look forward to the competition organisers and stall holders being able to share their Discoveries projects with 1/2FC.

Parents and family are welcome to come along and join in.

Miss Carey

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