Week 4 Literacy – Narratives


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This week students were required to write a narrative for the teachers to moderate for report writing. The Grade 1/2s wrote some fantastic narratives about a boy stranded on a desert island. The students in my grade were really working on their writing goals. Students had a go at using the editing pens to edit their work. Our class had a really good discussion about whether they thought that their writing had improved since the middle of the year. Most students believed that their writing has improved and could tell me how it got better. The students were able to talk about their goals and whether they had met them, reflecting back to what their writing was like at the start of the year. Knowing what they are learning and why is very important, and it was great to hear and see that most of 1/2 AC could talk about their writing goals and progress.

You can see the picture that was their inspiration below.

Desert Island

Week 4 Discoveries – research skills


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This week the students have continued to develop their researching skills. They have learnt to use key words to search for information on the internet, write dot points and then expand them into sentences.

Week 4 Numeracy – Subtraction


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This week we continued working between the 4 classrooms for Maths. We were learning about the relationship between addition and subtraction and how we can use some of the same strategies, but flip them around.


Week 3 Discoveries


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photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Naomi's writing about the dolls house

photo 1

photo 2Students have started researching questions about the zoo. They have been learning what to type into the search engine, how to choose a website that might have the answer they are looking for and to think about what key words they should skim read for to locate their answer.

Because students were working so hard on their zoo research in most Discoveries sessions Mrs Cooper and I decided to let them have a Discoveries session where they worked in projects and creations that they needed to finish.

Sativah was playing with the train set, she then drew a detailed map of the train track.

Naomi played with the dolls house and then wrote a story about it.

Callum surveyed everyone in our class to see if they liked dessert or fruit better.

Ryan finished his beach collage and wrote his evaluation.

Week 3 Literacy – Narratives


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In Literacy this week we have been learning about narratives. Students have been engaged in Rocket Writing narratives about pictures that we put up as inspiration.

Students were then required to edit their writing using the editing pens and their Have-A-Go Books to improve their writing.

It will be great to see the students continue to develop their narrative writing skills next week.

Week 3 Numeracy – Addition


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This week we have continued to teach children in groups to assist them in learning concepts that help them work towards their goal.

The addition strategies that were taught were:
Mrs Cooper – counting all and counting on
Miss Carey – tens facts, turn around facts and fact families
Miss Sanford – doubles and near doubles
Mrs Tapscott – bridging the next ten and other 2 digit addition strategies.

These were accompanied by at least one extra maths lesson with their own teacher.

Student Portfolios


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This week I have set up blogs for individual students. These will act as a digital portfolio and a space for the student to reflect on their learning.

Students have had the opportunity to write a short text about themselves and are in the process of making a piece of art work to personalise their blog.

Students will be learning how to choose high quality work that they are proud of and wish to share on the blog, they will be taught how to write a reflection about the learning that took place.

They will also have the opportunity to be able to view other students’ blogs and make comments.

A big focus for our blog the term will be on providing positive feedback, but also extending their comment to include a reflection about what they learnt too.

Miss Carey

Week 2 Discoveries – Zoo Investigations


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This week 1/2 AC and 1/2 FC worked together to come up with a list of questions they had about the zoo. They then split into small groups made up of children from both classes to practise sorting the questions into categories. The categories were questions about the Zoo in general, Zookeepers or the Animals.

Miss Carey and Mrs Cooper are sorting the questions further so that the students will be ready to begin researching their topic next week. Some of the project ideas that students had were to find out;
– how much money the zoo makes
– how many visitors go to the zoo
– how people become zookeepers
– compare animals
– group the animals found at the zoo by species
– learn about animal defences
– learn about the diet of animals
– learn about the different habitats animals come from.

As you can see, the students will be very busy learning researching, drafting and presenting skills in the lead up to the zoo trip in Week 6.

Week 2 Numeracy – Place Value


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This week we tried soemthing new with maths. We split the students into their Place Value goal groups and had the teen/ty group working with Mrs Cooper, 2 digits with Miss Carey, 3 digits with Miss Sanford and 4+ digits with Mrs Tapscott for three of our maths sessions. The sessions went really well with students working with students who have similar goals from the other three classes.

The teen/ty group were learning the difference between teen and ty numbers, they were making, writing and drawing the numbers.

The 2 digit group were learning to count by 10s from any number to help them work out 10 more or less than a number, they were also ordering numbers on number lines.

The 3 digit group were learning to work out 10 more or less and 100 more or less than a number bridging the decade, for example; ten less than 304. They were also learning to rename numbers.

The 4 digits were renaming 4 digit numbers, identifying if a number was odd or even, counting by 1000s, writing numbers in extended notation and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.

We look forward to continuing to teach the children in similar needs groups next week for Addition.

Week 2 Literacy – Daily 5 (Work on Writing)


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This week we have continued to learn about procedure texts. The students have been writing procedures about things that they know very well.

In Daily 5 many students are writing procedures too. Ashton decided to write what he knew about dogs.

You can see his writing in the photo below, he also edited his work with a bit of help.

Ashton's writing about a dog

Week 1 Discoveries


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This week the students have loved getting back into Discoveries. Many students are getting excited to challenge themselves and begin research projects.

This term we are aiming to extend all of our students. This means that we will expect all students to complete research projects. We are extending our more capable students to think deeper and produce projects that get them to do more than just find out basic facts about a topic. We will be getting these students to use higher order thinking, getting them to compare animals and produce projects of a higher standard.

Week 1 Numeracy – Place Value


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This week we have started the term by extending our knowledge and understandings of place value.

The students whose learning goal is understanding the difference between teen and ty numbers came up with some definitions. They said that a teen number has one ten and some ones and that a ty number has some tens and no ones.

I also introduced a new game to the students that I learned at a Michael Ymer PD recently called Overs and Unders.
Overs and Unders is a great game because it can be adapted to suit any level. My teen/ty and 2 digit students were aiming to get as close to 100 as they could, whilst the 3 digit students were trying to get as close to 1000 as possible, the 4 digit group were aiming for 10 000.

The students played in partners, taking it in turns to roll a ten sided dice for each other. The student would decide if the number rolled (say 6) would become 6000, 600, 60 or 6 and write it in the correct place, students cummulatively added what they had rolled to continuously see their total. After ten goes, they would work out how much over or under (10 000, 1000 or 100) they were.

You can see a photo of the game that Pat and I played when we were modelling how to play the game to the whole class.

Overs and Unders

Digital Learning Farm – Tutorial by Joe ‘Making Fairy Bread’ Procedure


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This term I have started introducing the Digital Learning Farm to my class. The concept behind the Digital Learning Farm is to get the students in the class to complete meaningful jobs using technology as a tool, just like how children in the olden days would have meaningful jobs to complete on their farm.

There are many jobs that the children can take on. The jobs that I have set up so far in 1/2 AC are listed below with a short overview:
– Interviewer: interviews students about what they are learning
– Reporter: takes the photos for the Blogger or films for the Interviewer
– Blogger: writes a blog post about some of the learning that has taken place during that week
– Note Taker: takes notes and collects notes and work for any students who are away and explains to the student when they return to school what they missed
– Tutorial Maker: makes a tutorial explaining how to do something or explaining concepts, and
– Researcher: uses an iPad to find out the answer to any questions the students or teachers might have.

This week Joe was our Tutorial Maker, you can watch his tutorial for how to make fairy bread below.

Week 1 Literacy – Procedure Texts


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This week we are learning about procedure texts. The students are learning to read and write them and identify the key feautres of a procedure text.

A procedure text instructs someone how to make or do something.

photo 2

photo 1

TASK – What could you write a procedure about? Is there something that you are an expert at doing and could write a procedure to instruct someone else how to do it?

Write your ideas for a procedure text in the comments box below.

TASK – Word Work Bossy E words


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Your task is to find words that have a Bossy E in it. Remember that Bossy E reaches around the consonant that comes before it and tells the vowel to say its name.

An example is ‘made’ the Bossy E reaches around the ‘d’ and tells the ‘a’ to say its name. This makes the ‘a’ have a long sound.

Can you think of some examples of words that have Bossy E? Have you found any in your books?

Write any Bossy E words in the comments box below.

TASK – Word Work ‘er’ ‘ir’ ‘ur’


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Your task is to find as many words from your reading that have the ‘er’, ‘ir’ of ‘ur’ spelling pattern.

Some examples are:

Write the words in the comments box below.

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