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Welcome to 3/4C’s blog. I am very excited to use this blog as a way of sharing with you the learning that has taken place in the classroom. It is a great tool for you to use at home with your child to reflect on their learning, extend their learning at home and to provide feedback to your child on a digital forum.  Please remember to give feedback that is KIND, SPECIFIC and HELPFUL and introduce yourself like this: ‘Emily – Sarah’s mum’.

Miss Carey

Giving Feedback


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Hi everyone,

Here in 3/4C we love connecting with people and getting feedback about our achievements. We also like getting feedback that helps us to improve, because we know that we learn from our mistakes and that other people have skills and knowledge that they can share with us to help us learn.


If you are reading our blog and would like to connect with us or leave us some feedback please remember to:

  • introduce yourself (tell us who you are, what school you are from or who you are related to from our class – are you the uncle of one of 3/4C?)
  • give feedback that is KIND, SPECIFIC and HELPFUL

The following video, ‘Austin’s Butterfly’, shows how useful the right type of feedback is. It demonstrates how students can achieve ‘above and beyond’ what they could have managed if they didn’t ask for and use feedback.

We would love to hear from you.



YouTube videos


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Dear parents and guardians,

You may have seen that I have posted some YouTube videos on the blog. YouTube has some great educational videos to reinforce many of the things that I have been teaching your children at school. They are also an engaging and enjoyable way for your child to extend their knowledge of a topic they have learned at school.

I have taught your children at school that when they want to watch one of the YouTube videos on the blog, they only need to click on the play button, by doing this they will remain in the blog and there will not be suggested videos shown at the end. Please ensure that your child does this when they are watching the YouTube videos at home too. If they click on the ‘YouTube’ sign down the bottom right they will be taken to YouTube where there are many other videos, these videos may not be appropriate and therefore parent supervision would be required.

Week 1 and 2 Mappen – Looking Backwards to Look Forwards


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We have had a very busy start to our new Mappen topic for this term ‘Looking Backwards to Look Forwards’.

Our focus so far has been on Gallipoli and ANZAC Day. The students have been very interested in the topic so far.

Students have worked in groups to research the significance of ANZAC Day symbols, the duration of the wars that Australia has been involved in and written about what they know or have experienced about ANZAC Day.

Week 1 and 2 Writing – Expositions


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Students have been learning to write expositions during Week 1 and 2.

They brainstormed topic ideas using Padlet.

25th April 2016 145

Brainstormed and sorted words as high modality, medium modality and low modality and used them in argumentative sentences.

25th April 2016 137

There were some very convincing expositions written by students during this time and it is great to see them listening to and applying the feedback to improve their next piece of writing.

Optional Task! ANZAC Day interview


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If you are going to the ANZAC Day service, you might like to interview a war veteran. Make sure that you are prepared! Have your questions typed or written with space to write answers, OR have your questions ready and get your parent to film.

Please bring the video into school on a USB and we will share your video at our 3/4 Discoveries Expo at the end of term.


Here are some questions that you could ask them:

  • What is your name?
  • What war did you serve in?
  • How old were you when you enlisted?
  • Where did you serve and for how long?
  • Would you like to share any memories?
  • Thank you for talking to me about your time in the war.

Feel free to plan more questions to ask.

Miss Carey

Week 1 and 2 Numeracy – Place Value


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The first two weeks of this term we have focused on Place Value. Students have continued to work on their individual Place Value Goals and have learnt to round numbers to the nearest ten or 100. Another big focus has been on understanding the place value of certain digits in a number.



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The new homework rubric has been embraced with enthusiasm by most students in 3/4! They are enjoying having the choice of fun and creative homework tasks like cooking, presenting speeches about their interests and making videos.

Check out the photos and videos below for some inspiration.

Literacy – Writing


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This term we have been focusing on writing correct sentences. Students have been writing simple sentences and then turning them into compound sentences through the use of compound conjunctions.

You can see an example of writing which shows simple sentences transformed into compound sentences.

IMG_3535 IMG_3536

Week 7 Mappen – Community Services


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One of the tasks that students completed this week was to work together to list all the services in the Ararat community that help them. We then categorized the benefits as being for health, happiness or safety.


Week 7 Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction


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This week our focus for Numeracy was addition and subtraction, in particular using efficient strategies to solve problems. Students played ‘Pot of Doom’ where they were required to use a variety of strategies, this game was very popular. They also had a go at completing an addition grid and then colour coding the strategies that they used.



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“What does my community provide to support my well being and that of other community members across all ages?”

Please write your answer in the comments section below. Make sure you tell us if it helps your health, safety, social life or other.

Numeracy Week 5/6 – Fractions


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We have had a lot of fun learning about fractions over the last week and a half. Most of us understand that a fraction is an equal part of a whole.

Miss Carey made fractions really fun for us the first day by getting us to write and draw fractions about a packet of m&ms.

We made fracterpillars. They were a lot of fun to make. We had to learn how to fold shapes into equal parts. We found out the triangles can be tricky to fold. Don’t our fracterpillars make our classroom look great?!

We also made our very own fraction walls to use during maths. We have been using them to compare the size of fractions and to find equivalent fractions.

Another fun thing was playing against a partner to fill a fraction wall on our netbooks. You would get a fraction and you would have to work out how to colour it in. Gio worked out that you could colour 1/2 in by colouring in 1/4+2/8 if there weren’t enough fourths or eighths. You can play this game at home by following the link http://www.numeracyhelper.com/fractionwalls/

Miss Carey made some games for us to play, to help us learn to find equivalent fractions and add fractions better. They were good fun. We were really excited about the Star Wars Go Fish game.

Growth Mindset Poem


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Jacob wrote a poem about what it means to have a Growth Mindset.

You can read it below.

March 2nd 2016 018

Community Games – Term 1


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We had our first Community Games on Wednesday.

All the children enjoyed mixing with other Middle School students to either play board games, with the POD or with Lego.

It was great to see some parents, grandparents and siblings come along. We look forward to sharing the fun with more parents, siblings and grandparents next time.

You can see some of the fun that was had playing with the POD.

Week 4 Numeracy – Place Value


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This week students have had a lot of fun working on their Place Value goals. We have been learning to read, write, make, order, place numbers on a number line and work out what numbers are 1 more/1 less and 10 more/10 less. These activities have been differentiated and were therefore a good fit for each individual child.

You can see some photos of the students working hard.


Quality Beginnings – Numeracy


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During Quality Beginnings, we were learning  how to play cooperative maths games.

When playing maths games we need to follow these rules and expectations:

Rules and Expectations for Playing Maths Games

Dice Rules

  • Use a dice mat
  • Roll for your partner when they have said “roll please”
  • If Partner A rolls before Partner B says “roll please”, Partner B is able to choose if they want those numbers or for the dice to be rolled again
  • If the dice go off the dice mat, Partner B is able to choose if they want those numbers or for the dice to be rolled again

Things to remember!

  • Use strategies
  • Explain your thinking (use your explanation stick!)
  • Learn
  • Have fun!
  • Develop fluency
  • Try to understand
  • Have a go at reasoning (explaining) to your partner
  • Solve problems


We were also learning about ‘What Makes a Good Mathematician’. By knowing what a good mathematician does, it helps us to know how we can also be successful at maths.

Below are some photos showing what the students thought a good mathematician is:

Quality Beginnings


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We have started the year with our Quality Beginnings program. Students have been learning how to learn, including thinking about how they learn best and what makes learning difficult.

During this time they have been learning and practicing the expectations for playing cooperative maths games. These maths games are aimed at developing their understanding of topics, fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. A little fun also helps them to enjoy the learning experience. These games are often easy for your child to play at home with very little equipment. All you need are often a deck of cards, a dice and some paper.

In Literacy, we have been making iCharts and setting up our Daily 5 expectations. We are also building our stamina so that we can read for longer.

Discoveries is now called Mappen for Years 3-6. Our topic this term is Identity. This has fitted in really well with Quality Beginnings as the students have been learning about themselves as a learner, member of 3/4C and the Middle School community.



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The Grade 1/2s really enjoyed our swimming program at the Ararat Fitness Centre over the last 3 weeks. Check out the photos of our super swimmers.

Week 4 Literacy – Rocket Writing


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This week we have continued with Rocket Writing. Everyone is really enjoying it, there are often cheers when we say that we are going to do Rocket Writing. This week after writing the students have got together with a partner to give some Star and Step feedback to each other. You can read some of the feedback that they have given each other in the photos below. It is great to see that the students are giving feedback which is kind, specific and helpful. You can click on the image to view it larger. If you leave any feedback, please write your feedback on the main post, not the picture.

Week 4 Numeracy – Money


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This week we had a lot of fun in Numeracy learning about money. Students were involved in identifying money, ordering it, sorting it, counting amounts of money and working out change. It was great to see how focused everyone was and how they were so willing to challenge themselves. Most of the recording was done by doing coin rubbings in their books.


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